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Bridging Fashion and Golf: J.Lindeberg’s New Era with DP World Tour

Hans-Christian Meyer

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1996, J.Lindeberg was born out of an idea to inject style and energy to golf by changing how players all over the world dress on and off the course.

Since then, the brand has continued to bridge the worlds of fashion and sports with irreverence, offering sophisticated, edgy, and comfortable products for the modern active lifestyle.

Its headquarters remain in Stockholm, but today, J.Lindeberg can be found in more than 62 countries.

There are 157 J.Lindeberg stores in the world and showrooms in New York, London, Oslo, Munich, Zürich and Salzburg. Wholesale distribution covers close to 2000 stores, including the leading high-end department and specialty stores around the world.

We got a chance to sit down with J.Lindeberg’s CEO Hans Christian Meyer who discussed with us the exciting news of the brand’s partnership with DP World Tour, global expansion, and innovative golf apparel strategies.

Since assuming the role of Group CEO at J.Lindeberg in June 2020, Hans Christian Meyer has been instrumental in steering the brand towards new heights.

With an extensive background in the fashion industry, including notable positions at Tiger of Sweden and Ralph Lauren, Meyer brings a blend of innovation and strategic vision to J.Lindeberg.

Hans-Christian Meyer

Under Meyer’s leadership, J.Lindeberg has embarked on a bold new venture—the partnership with DP World Tour (DPWT).

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the brand, aligning perfectly with its mission to fuse sport with fashion on a global scale.

LGW: Can you start by sharing your thoughts on the new partnership with DPWT and what it means for J.Lindeberg?

HCM: “The partnership with DP World Tour (DPWT) is an exciting milestone for J.Lindeberg and feels like a natural progression of our golf legacy.

This collaboration perfectly aligns with our vision to bridge the worlds of sport and fashion globally, highlighting and deepening our strong presence in the golf community.

As the Official Clothing Supplier of DPWT, we have a fantastic opportunity to showcase our innovative designs and commitment to high performance on one of the world’s most prestigious golf tours.

This partnership not only elevates our brand visibility but also reinforces our dedication to supporting the sport and its players, helping them look and perform their best.”

LGW: What tournaments will J.Lindeberg be focusing their efforts on in year one of the partnership? How does this change in year two?

HCM: “In the first year, we will focus on two iconic golf events: the Genesis Scottish Open and the BMW PGA Championship.

Both tournaments offer excellent platforms to highlight our brand and engage with the golf community.”

LGW: How does this partnership align with J.Lindeberg’s overall brand vision and global strategy?

HCM: “Our partnership with DPWT is a natural extension of our brand’s deeply rooted vision to merge sport and fashion in the most stylish and functional way.

It aligns with our global strategy of enhancing brand recognition and reaching new audiences through high-profile sports collaborations.

This partnership allows us to leverage DPWT’s prestige and global reach, bringing our sophisticated, performance-oriented apparel to a broader audience.

Shared Values and Brand Alignment

LGW: What are the shared values between J.Lindeberg and DPWT that made this partnership a natural fit?

HCM: “J.Lindeberg and DPWT share a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a deep passion for golf.

Both organisations strive to push boundaries and set new standards in their fields.

This partnership is a natural fit because it reflects our mutual dedication to high performance, great style, and enriching the overall experience for players and fans alike.

LGW: How do you see this partnership enhancing both brands’ images and market positions?

HCM: This partnership enhances our brand image by associating J.Lindeberg with one of the world’s most prestigious golf tours.

It strengthens our market position by increasing our visibility among golf enthusiasts and showcasing our innovative apparel globally.

For DPWT, partnering with a leading fashion and lifestyle brand like J.Lindeberg reinforces their commitment to excellence and innovation, appealing to a broader and more diverse audience beyond traditional golf fans.

Global Strategy and Expansion

LGW: In what ways does this partnership contribute to J.Lindeberg’s global expansion strategy?

HCM: “The partnership with DPWT is a key component of our global expansion strategy.

It provides us with a platform to reach new markets and demographics, especially in regions where golf is gaining popularity.

By aligning with DPWT, we can showcase our brand to a diverse, international audience, driving our global growth and increasing our market share in the sports apparel industry.”

LGW: Can you discuss any specific goals you aim to achieve through this partnership on a global scale?

HCM: “Through this partnership, we aim to boost brand awareness, drive sales growth, and solidify our position as a leading brand in the golf apparel market.

We also seek to create unique and memorable experiences for golf enthusiasts, furthering our reputation for innovation and style.

Our goal is to leverage the partnership to expand our reach and influence in key markets worldwide.

LGW: The partnership will expand to additional tournaments in year two. Can you provide some details on this expansion and how it will be executed?

HCM: “In the second year, our partnership will expand to other high-profile events.

While specific details are still being finalised, we plan to build on our first-year successes, enhancing our presence and engagement at these additional tournaments.

This strategic expansion will allow us to reach even more fans and showcase our latest collections in new and exciting ways.

Impact on Product Development

LGW: How will this partnership influence your clothing lines, particularly those related to golf?

HCM: “This partnership will inspire new designs and innovations in our golf apparel lines.

We will develop products that meet the high standards of performance and style required by professional golfers and their fans.

This includes creating bespoke products for DPWT personnel, ensuring they have the best apparel for their active, travel-intensive lifestyles.

Our goal is to blend high-performance functionality with edgy contemporary fashion, elevating the on-course experience for all.

LGW: Are there any new products or collections being developed specifically as part of this partnership?

HCM: Yes, we are developing a range of products specifically for this partnership. This includes the official DPWT uniform and other distinctively JL apparel designed to meet the demands of the tour’s staff and players.

Our new collections will feature cutting-edge fabrics, unique designs, and innovative functionalities, reflecting our commitment to excellence and style.

These products will be showcased at the Genesis Scottish Open and the BMW PGA Championship, offering a sneak peek into our latest innovations.

Engagement with the Golf Community

LGW: How does J.Lindeberg plan to engage with the golf community through this partnership?

HCM: “We plan to engage with the golf community through various activations, including merchandising, Pro-Am events, hospitality, and social media content creation.

By participating in these high-profile tournaments, we will connect with fans, influencers, and key stakeholders in the golf world.

Our goal is to create meaningful interactions and memorable experiences that resonate deeply with the golf community, reinforcing our brand’s modern and evolving commitment to the sport.

Origins in Golf

LGW: J.Lindeberg has strong roots in golf. Can you talk about how this partnership is an extension of the brand’s heritage?

HCM: “Golf has always been a core part of J.Lindeberg’s identity. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to creating high-performance, stylish apparel for golfers.

This partnership with DPWT is a natural extension of our heritage, giving us an opportunity to deepen our involvement in the sport and showcase our commitment to golf’s tradition and future.

It reflects our ongoing dedication to supporting golfers at all levels and enhancing their on-course experience.

LGW: How do you think this partnership will resonate with your longstanding customers who are passionate about golf?

HCM: “Our loyal and longstanding customers who are passionate about golf will see this partnership as a reaffirmation of our commitment to them and the sport.

By partnering with DPWT, we are expanding our brand’s presence in the golf community and providing them with new and exciting products that meet their needs.

We believe this partnership will strengthen their loyalty and pride in being part of the J.Lindeberg family.


LGW: Innovation is a key aspect of J.Lindeberg. How will this partnership drive innovation within the brand?

HCM: “This partnership will drive innovation by pushing us to create apparel that meets the high standards of professional golfers and the exacting demands of an international tour.

We will focus on developing new cutting-edge technologies and designs that enhance performance, comfort, and style.

By collaborating closely with DPWT, we will gain valuable insights and feedback that will inspire further innovation in our product lines.

LGW: How important is it to champion the latest apparel with brand ambassadors like Viktor Hovland, Matt Wallace, and Todd Clements?

HCM: “Championing the latest apparel with our brand ambassadors is crucial.

These athletes are the faces of our brand on the global stage, and their endorsement of our products reinforces our commitment to excellence and innovation.

By outfitting them in our latest designs, we showcase the cutting-edge technology and style that define J.Lindeberg, inspiring confidence in our customers and setting new trends in golf apparel.”

Market Reach and Demographics

LGW: What new markets or demographics are you aiming to reach through this partnership?

HCM: Through this partnership, we aim to reach new markets and demographics, particularly in regions where golf is growing in popularity.

This includes expanding our presence in Asia, the Middle East, and other emerging markets.

By aligning with DPWT, we can attract a diverse audience of golf enthusiasts, from seasoned players to newcomers, and introduce them to the unique blend of sport and fashion that defines J.Lindeberg.”

LGW: How do you plan to leverage the exposure from the DPWT to attract new customers to the J.Lindeberg brand?

HCM: “We plan to leverage the exposure from DPWT through targeted marketing campaigns, engaging social media content, and strategic activations at the tournaments.

By showcasing our products at high-profile events and through our brand ambassadors, we will create an elevated level of buzz and excitement around our brand.

This increased visibility will help us attract new customers who are looking for stylish, high-performance apparel that meets their active lifestyle needs.

Leadership and Future Vision

LGW: As the CEO, what excites you most about this partnership?

HCM: “What excites me most about this partnership is the opportunity to elevate our brand’s presence in the global golf community and showcase our commitment to innovation and excellence.

This collaboration with DPWT allows us to engage with a passionate audience, create new and exciting products, and reinforce our position as a leader in the sports fashion industry.

It is a significant step forward in our journey to redefine golf apparel and make a global mark on the look and style of golf worldwide.

LGW: How do you envision the future of J.Lindeberg in the next five years, particularly in relation to the golf sector?

HCM: “In the next five years, I see J.Lindeberg not only continuing to lead the way in golf apparel innovation but also excelling across all areas of our brand.

We are dedicated to expanding our presence in new markets and deepening our connection with both the golf community and our broader audience.

Our commitment to delivering high-performance, stylish apparel extends beyond the golf course to include our Ready-to-Wear collections, which are designed to meet the elevated needs of the modern, active lifestyle.

We will build on the success of this partnership to further enhance and broaden our product offerings, engage with new demographics, and solidify our reputation as a brand that blends sport and fashion like no one else.

Our goal is to be the go-to choice for anyone seeking exceptional style, performance, and excellence in everything they do and aspire to become.

As J.Lindeberg continues to innovate and expand, Meyer envisions a future where the brand not only leads in golf apparel but also excels across all segments of its portfolio.

The goal is clear: to be the premier choice for those seeking exceptional style, performance, and excellence in their active lifestyles.”