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Srixon Teams Up with Veteran Golfers Association for 2024 Season

Srixon Veteran Golf Hat

SRIXON® has unveiled an exciting collaboration with the Veteran Golfers Association (VGA) set to mark the 2024 season.

This initiative aims to extend support to the courageous individuals who have served in the United States Armed Forces, offering them avenues to engage in competition, build camaraderie, and maintain an active lifestyle through the game of golf.


We’re incredibly honoured to forge this partnership with the VGA and be part of the special community they’ve built over the last 10 years. As a company, we’ve always been committed to supporting our military community and this partnership allows us to give back and create lasting connections through the sport we all love.

Mason Prange, Vice President of Sales at Srixon

The VGA, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of veterans and their families by fostering camaraderie, promoting sportsmanship, and facilitating golf competitions.

With over 1,300 local tournaments held nationwide, culminating in a prestigious National Championship event each fall, the VGA has cultivated a vibrant community within the realm of golf.

In line with this collaboration, Srixon pledges its support to the VGA through various avenues.

This includes providing a range of golf equipment throughout the season, notably the acclaimed Z-STAR Series golf balls, as well as extending exclusive discounts on Srixon products.

By furnishing VGA members with top-tier gear, Srixon endeavours to elevate their golfing experience and empower each member to realize their full potential on the course.

Both Srixon and the VGA are eagerly anticipating the possibilities inherent in this partnership, envisioning a successful and impactful 2024 season ahead.

As we tee off into the future, let us honor our heroes, celebrate their sacrifices, and drive forward with the unwavering commitment to excellence that defines both our veterans and the exceptional quality of Srixon golf equipment.

Joshua Peyton, President and CEO of VGA

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