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Uneekor Launches Free AI Golf Swing Training Trial for Swing Optix Users

AI Trainer Swing Optix

Irvine, California – Uneekor, a leader in golf simulation technology, is offering Swing Optix users a sneak peek at its newest innovation: the AI Trainer (Beta).

This advanced AI-driven training software, originally showcased at the 2024 PGA Show, is designed to revolutionize golf swing analysis by breaking down swings into eight distinct frames and offering personalized insights.

The AI Trainer (Beta) dissects the golf swing into Address, Take Away, Back Swing, Top, Down Swing, Impact, Follow Through, and Finish. This division allows for a detailed examination of each aspect, providing a “Swing Score” that helps golfers pinpoint their strengths and areas for improvement. The scores are generated instantly, offering immediate feedback to users.

Justin Meyers, Sr. Director of Marketing at Uneekor, commented on this innovative development: “We are excited to present AI Trainer (Beta) to our valued Swing Optix customers”.

“This platform signifies the culmination of extensive research and development, aimed at delivering a truly transformative training experience for golfers of all skill levels”.

“Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or an aspiring enthusiast, AI Trainer (Beta) will help unlock your potential and elevate your game.”

This beta trial offers a personalized approach to swing analysis with detailed down-the-line and face-on views.

The feedback, provided through a 100-point rating system, enables golfers to quickly understand the mechanics of their swing and receive suggestions for improvement.

Meyers expressed Uneekor’s gratitude to its customers, saying, “As a token of gratitude to our incredible customers, we’re thrilled to offer them an exclusive glimpse into our latest technological breakthrough.”

Currently, the free trial is exclusive to Uneekor Swing Optix users. Customers with Swing Optix cameras can activate their AI Engine license to experience this innovative training software, with instructions available in their account.

The full version of the AI Trainer platform is in development, with plans for a wider release to all new and existing customers anticipated by late 2024.

This innovative software provides a unique opportunity for golfers to enhance their skills with cutting-edge AI technology, bridging the gap between traditional golf training and advanced simulation.