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TRUE linkswear Brings Golf Shoe Luxury with the FS-Tour

Couple of golfers wear TRUE linkswear golf shoes

When it comes to golf footwear, TRUE linkswear (TRUE) has always been at the forefront, combining the essence of style, comfort, and performance.

Their latest masterpiece, the FS-Tour golf shoe, encapsulates these elements perfectly, delivering a product that’s as at home on the course as it is in the office or at a dinner party.

The FS-Tour’s design draws inspiration from the rugged yet breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where TRUE’s creative team resides.

This connection to the natural world is evident in every stitch and material choice, offering a unique blend of practicality and luxury.

The Pinnacle of Comfort and Style

The FS-Tour golf shoe boasts a classic wingtip brogue silhouette, seamlessly merging timeless style with modern functionality.

The upper is crafted from top-grain Nappa leather, renowned for its soft yet durable qualities.

This material ensures that the FS-Tour not only looks elegant but feels exceptionally comfortable right out of the box.

TRUE’s dedication to comfort is further exemplified by the WANDERLUX ultra-plush insole.

This feature is designed to provide a cushioned ride, ensuring that your feet stay comfortable whether you’re playing 18 holes or heading out for an evening event.

Additionally, the microsuede insert topper adds an extra layer of softness while offering an anti-slip surface for added security and comfort.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Golfers often face unpredictable weather, but with the FS-Tour, there’s no need to worry about wet conditions.

The TRUE PNWProof waterproof bootie construction guarantees dry feet, no matter the weather, and this feature comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee.

This means you can trust your FS-Tour shoes to keep you dry and comfortable, round after round.

Features That Matter

Beyond its striking looks and comfort, the FS-Tour is packed with features that cater to the needs of discerning golfers.

The shoe includes classic, wax-coated laces, ensuring they stay tied and add to the overall aesthetic.

The versatile FS tread is designed to provide excellent grip on the course while being stylish enough for off-course activities.

Metal tour logo accents add a touch of sophistication, making these shoes stand out from the crowd.

“With the FS-Tour we wanted to offer a timeless look with hidden performance detailing to create a new staple for your wardrobe, on or off the golf course,” said TRUE Footwear Designer, Jeremy Santana.

“Versatility has become a trademark of our brand and the FS-Tour brings all-day style, function and performance to a new level.”

Available in Classic Colors

The FS-Tour comes in three traditional colours for both men and women: Brown, White, and Black.

Each colour option is meticulously designed to complement any outfit, making these shoes a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Priced at an MSRP of $205, the FS-Tour offers exceptional value for a shoe that seamlessly combines luxury and functionality.

For more information on TRUE linkswear and the new FS-Tour, visit