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FootJoy Continues to Dominate UK Footwear Market After a Successful Start to 2024

Max Homa wearing FJ shoes

When it comes to the realm of golf footwear, there’s one name that consistently rises and springs first to mind: FootJoy.

FootJoy is celebrating a robust start to 2024 with their latest range hitting the greens in style.

According to Golf Datatech, the top six selling golf shoes by value all hail from the illustrious FJ brand, underscoring their dominance in the market.


With a heritage spanning over 100 years, FootJoy has been at the forefront of performance and design innovation, setting an unmatched standard within the golf footwear industry. This legacy of excellence is vividly reflected in their latest achievements.

Leading the Pack: The Premiere Series

The star of FootJoy’s 2024 lineup is the Premiere Series, which leads the way as the #1 selling shoe this year. Joining it in the top five models are the FJ Traditions and the new Pro/SLX, further cementing FootJoy’s grip on the market.

The brand’s commitment to quality and performance is evident, maintaining a market share lead of 49.4% in the on-course channel while offering a diverse premium performance range tailored to all preferences.

Precision Fit for Peak Performance

FootJoy understands the crucial role that correctly fitted footwear plays in a golfer’s performance.

Their investment in a comprehensive shoe fitting program highlights this commitment.

Data shows that wearing a properly fitted pair of performance golf shoes can increase club head speed by 2-3mph, translating to an additional 7-9 yards of distance.

Since early 2022, FootJoy’s three full-time product specialists have been on the road, fitting around 6,500 golfers across the UK and Ireland, ensuring each player enjoys the optimal fit for enhanced performance.

FootJoy’s dedication to fit extends beyond simple sizing. They are one of the few golf footwear brands to offer half-sizes and multiple-width options.

This meticulous attention to fit is exemplified in the FJ Traditions spiked franchise, which boasts up to 52 different sizing options for men, women, and juniors.

This ensures every golfer can find a shoe that fits perfectly, contributing to their success on the course.

Trusted by the Pros

FootJoy’s influence isn’t limited to amateur golfers. In the professional game, the brand continues to dominate, with at least 50% of players at tour events across the DP World, PGA, and Ladies European Tours choosing FootJoy shoes.

This preference is mirrored in elite amateur competitions as well, with 75% of participants at the recent Brabazon Trophy opting for FootJoy models, leaving the nearest competitor trailing at 7%.

Notable players like 2x PGA Tour winner SungJae Im, who sports the all-new Pro/SLX, and World No.10 Max Homa, wearing the Premiere Series LX, are among the many who trust FootJoy to deliver performance and comfort on the course.

Commitment to Innovation

Russell Lawes, FJ Brand Director, reflects on the brand’s accomplishments and future ambitions: “We are very proud of our position in the UK footwear market and realize that in order to keep our place at the top we have to keep on innovating to meet the needs of dedicated golfers and our valued retail partners.”

He continues, “The latest results underline that the demand for FootJoy shoes remains strong, and with the top six selling models in the on-course channel, it gives our retail partners confidence that our products will continue to perform well.

The brand has over 100 years of history which really sets us apart. With new and exciting products like Pro/SLX and FJ Quantum, along with updates to some of our already popular models, it made this year’s catalogue the most extensive and compelling yet.

After a strong start to the year, I would like the opportunity to thank all our retail partners for the vital part they have once again played in promoting our current FootJoy performance line to their customers.”

A Legacy of Excellence

FootJoy’s unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and performance ensures that they remain at the pinnacle of the golf footwear market.

With their impressive start to 2024, the brand continues to build on its storied legacy, providing golfers with the footwear they need to excel on the course.