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Scottie Scheffler Becomes First Repeat Champion At The Players; Wins In Back-To-Back Weeks With Qi10 Driver And Spider Tour X

Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler makes history at THE PLAYERS by clinching his second consecutive victory, a feat unprecedented in the tournament’s 50-year legacy.

His remarkable final round, devoid of any bogeys and marked by a stellar 64, stands as one of the greatest comebacks in PLAYERS history.

Scottie Scheffler
© TaylorMade

Utilising his trusted Qi10 driver and Spider Tour X putter, Scheffler’s performance showcased his unwavering skill and precision on the course.

This triumph follows Scheffler’s impressive win at Bay Hill the previous week, a rare achievement in itself.

His back-to-back victories not only solidify his status as a top-tier player but also underscore his exceptional talent and determination.

Over the span of two weeks, Scheffler’s dominance was evident as he finished a staggering 35-under across both tournaments, setting a new standard of excellence.

In preparation for his success at TPC Sawgrass, Scheffler diligently honed his game alongside TaylorMade Tour Rep Adrian Rietveld.

Focused on optimizing his performance, he meticulously fine-tuned his yardages and ball speeds to perfection.

Scheffler’s strategic approach, particularly with his Qi10 8.0° driver, allowed him to confidently execute his signature fade off the tee, effectively navigating the course with precision.

Throughout the tournament, Scheffler showcased versatility in his driving game, employing different trajectories tailored to each hole’s setup and wind conditions.

From high tee shots with an apex of 118-feet to low tee shots at 67-feet, Scheffler’s mastery of his driver was evident in his ability to adapt to varying challenges on the course.

Scottie Scheffler
© TaylorMade

Statistically, Scheffler’s dominance was undeniable, leading the field in Strokes Gained: Off the Tee and boasting an impressive driving accuracy of 80.36%.

His meticulous driver setup, including the Qi10 8.0° driver with a Ventus Black 7X shaft, proved to be a formidable asset in his quest for victory.

Notably, Scheffler’s success extended beyond his driver, as evidenced by his flawless performance with the Spider Tour X putter.

Praising its simplicity and alignment benefits, Scheffler attributed his putting prowess to the innovative design of the Spider Tour X, featuring True Path alignment and a full sightline.

Reflecting on his journey to victory, Scheffler emphasised the importance of consistency and confidence in his equipment.

With eight PGA TOUR wins since 2022, all achieved with TaylorMade drivers, Scheffler’s partnership with the brand has undoubtedly been instrumental in his rise to prominence in professional golf.

Scottie Scheffler WITB

  • Qi10 8.0° driver
  • Qi10 15.0° 3-wood
  • P·7TW 5-PW
  • Spider Tour X

High Tee Shot

  • Apex: 118-feet
  • Launch Angle: 11.5°
  • Ball Speed: 177.1 MPH
  • Spin Rate: 2373 RPM
  • Carry: 305-yards

Stock Tee Shot

  • Apex: 92-feet
  • Launch Angle: 9.1°
  • Ball Speed: 175.5 MPH
  • Spin Rate: 2342 RPM
  • Carry: 295-yards

Low Tee Shot

  • Apex: 67-feet
  • Launch Angle: 6.0°
  • Ball Speed: 176.6 MPH
  • Spin Rate: 2512
  • Carry: 283-yards

Scheffler finished the week ranked first in Strokes Gained: Off the Tee (6.429) and T1 in Driving Accuracy hitting 80.36% of fairways. His driver set up is:

  • Head: Qi10 8.0° driver
  • Measured Loft: 8.25°
  • Loft Sleeve: Upright (1.5° Sleeve)
  • Shaft: Ventus Black 7X
  • Length: 45’’
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58 Rib
  • Tapes: 6
  • Swingweight: D4