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Get Ready To Be Inspired With London’s Only Links Golf Course

The Inspiration Golf Club Course

London’s golfing landscape is set to sparkle with the unveiling of The Inspiration Club, a pristine jewel poised to captivate golf enthusiasts from near and far.

Opening its doors June 1st, 2024, this premier course promises an unparalleled experience that marries the charm of traditional links courses with a modern twist, all against the backdrop of England’s vibrant capital.

Nestled on the outskirts of London, The Inspiration Club is more than just a golf course; it’s a testament to innovation and dedication.

With an investment exceeding £700,000 just on the bunkers only, every inch of this meticulously crafted course reflects a passion for the sport and a commitment to excellence.

I had the privilege of attending the grand opening alongside representatives from all the major golfing publications.

Despite the less-than-ideal weather, the excitement was palpable, and the day turned out to be nothing short of spectacular.

The Inspiration Club promises both challenge and enjoyment for enthusiasts, with green fees attractively priced between £70 and £90 – quite a bargain for a top-notch links course so close to Heathrow Airport.

The Inspiration Club

At the heart of The Inspiration Club’s allure lies its inspiration – the timeless appeal of links-style play.

Tony Menai-Davis, the visionary behind this masterpiece, shares his insight into the club’s genesis: “We decided on a links-inspired course because of the nature of the land, and the proximity of RAF Northolt.”

“The site was flat farmland, and because of the airfield, we were restricted on the number of trees we could plant.”

Indeed, limitations breed creativity, and The Inspiration Club’s design team rose to the challenge with aplomb.

Collaborating with industry stalwarts like Mackenzie and Ebert and EcoBunker Ltd, they sculpted a course that pays homage to the iconic links courses while carving its own identity.

The Inspiration Club

Richard Allen, CEO of EcoBunker, elaborated on their contribution: “The bunkering plays such an important part of the make-up of the Inspiration.”

“The revetting will become one of the most memorable features of the course and helps to give it a real links-inspired feel.”

The bunkers, towering above even the tallest golfers, are a testament to both ingenuity and sustainability.

Richard explains, “I’m 6’4 and some of these bunkers are above my head, so we had to employ clever techniques to give the desired finish and stability.”

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, including the patented EcoBunker Advanced system, these bunkers not only enhance the course’s aesthetic appeal but also champion eco-friendly practices.

Navigating the course, I found myself in around 10 of the 65 intricately designed bunkers – an experience that truly tested my skills and underscored the course’s challenges.

Yet, amidst the strategic challenges posed by the bunkers, The Inspiration Club remains committed to inclusivity and enjoyment.

Tony Menai-Davis affirms, “The Inspiration will be an inclusive course that welcomes every golfer, so we really need to balance the test of golf with golfers’ experience of the course.”

With playability and enjoyment at its core, The Inspiration Club promises an unforgettable journey for golfers of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast, prepare to be enthralled by the blend of tradition and innovation that defines this remarkable establishment.

Hole 17 boasts one of the longest greens in London at 100 feet, while hole 13, my personal favourite, is nearly islandesque with a very familiar looking bridge leading onto the green.

These standout features, along with the picturesque views of private jets departing from the nearby RAF Northolt, add to the course’s unique charm.

As the countdown to its grand opening begins, anticipation mounts and golfers eagerly await the opportunity to embark on this unique golfing adventure.

The Inspiration Club beckons, inviting you to discover the magic of links-style play amidst the bustling energy of London’s golfing scene.

For those eager to experience golfing nirvana, visit The Inspiration Club’s website to secure your tee time and become part of golfing history in the making.

The allure of The Inspiration awaits and tee times are now available– are you ready to answer the call?