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The Indoor Golf Shop Expands Chicago Office with Dynamic Simulator Showroom

The Indoor Golf Shop Expands Chicago Showroom

In a major swing forward for golf enthusiasts, The Indoor Golf Shop (TIGS) has unveiled its newest consumer showroom in West Chicago, Illinois.

This expansion marks a significant step in their mission to bring top-tier indoor golf solutions to both residential and commercial spaces.

The Indoor Golf Shop Expands Chicago Office

Known for their extensive online selection of indoor golf products, TIGS now offers an in-person experience that is set to revolutionize how customers approach creating their dream indoor golf setups.

A Golfer’s Dream: The West Chicago Showroom

The new showroom isn’t just a display of products—it’s a gateway to the future of indoor golfing.

Visitors can explore and demo the latest in indoor golf, sports, and entertainment technology.

The showroom features cutting-edge hardware, innovative components, and a plethora of accessories and build-out materials.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking to customize your simulator space or prefer a turnkey solution, TIGS provides the expertise and tools needed for every project.

Justin Carlson, Vice President of Sales for The Indoor Golf Shop, oversees the Chicago location. He notes, “Not only is simulator technology more accessible across a wide variety of price points, the graphics, data, and overall immersive experiences in indoor golf, gaming, and home theatre are simply more advanced and mind-blowing than ever.

Our showroom gives consumers the perfect opportunity to learn everything they need to know before designing and installing the dream indoor simulator room they’ve been dreaming about.”

Tailored Expertise with InHome Golf

For those seeking a seamless, professional installation, TIGS offers the services of InHome Golf, their Design and Installation division.

InHome Golf collaborates with clients to meticulously design and construct custom simulator rooms.

From pinpointing every detail to building it to exact specifications, they ensure an optimal sim room design that aligns with the customer’s vision.

Rene Delgado, Founder and CEO of The Indoor Golf Shop, emphasizes the company’s inclusive approach: “Simulators were once thought of as an extreme luxury item.

Now our customers include newer golfers, clients with a wide range of budgets, golf clubs who want to add a member amenity, and even non-golfers who want multi-sport functions or theatre room designs.

We take a collaborative, consultative approach to help customers when they visit our showrooms to help them find all the best fits for that dream indoor golf and entertainment space.”

The Ultimate Indoor Golf Experience

The West Chicago showroom provides a comprehensive look at what’s possible with indoor golf technology today.

Visitors can expect to see top brands in launch monitors, custom enclosures, hitting mats, and even portable, modular simulator designs.

This hands-on experience is invaluable for customers who are undecided on which components, hardware, and accessories they need to complete their projects.

Beyond Chicago, The Indoor Golf Shop has physical showrooms in Toronto, Ontario; Newark, New Jersey; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with the national headquarters located in Celina, Texas, near Dallas.

Each location reflects TIGS’s commitment to elevating the indoor golf buying experience through a full suite of end-to-end solutions.

This includes guidance on purchasing and installing premium simulator brands like Trackman, and DIY components for various space configurations.

Transforming Indoor Golf

The Indoor Golf Shop continues to set the standard for indoor golf innovation and customer service.

Their expansive offerings at and provide everything from premium screens and enclosures to expert consultation and custom installation services.

With their new Chicago showroom, TIGS is making it easier than ever for golf enthusiasts to bring their ultimate indoor golf visions to life.