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TaylorMade Golf Unveils Team TaylorMade Junior Set: Premium Equipment Tailored for Junior Golfers

TaylorMade Junior Golf

TaylorMade Golf introduces the highly anticipated Team TaylorMade Junior set, a culmination of meticulous research and engineering expertise from the same masterminds behind equipment for golfing icons such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Nelly Korda.

Crafted to perfection, the Team TaylorMade Junior Set is unisex and thoughtfully designed to cater to three distinct age groups: 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12, ensuring a seamless transition for young golf enthusiasts at various developmental stages.

TaylorMade Junior Golf

Unlocking Exclusive Insights from Golf’s Elite

In a groundbreaking move, Team TaylorMade has collaborated with renowned athletes and ambassadors to curate exclusive content tailored for junior players.

From invaluable tips to insightful drills, Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooke Henderson, along with esteemed brand ambassadors Gabby Golf Girl, Chris Trott, and Grant Horvat, offer a treasure trove of wisdom to ignite the passion for golf in young hearts.

By simply scanning the QR code on the back of the Team TaylorMade Name Card, junior golfers and their parents gain access to this wealth of knowledge.

Balancing Performance and Learning

TaylorMade Junior Golf

The Team TaylorMade Junior Set strikes the perfect balance between introductory golf content for parents keen on initiating their children into the sport and high-performance equipment tailored for specific age groups.

Led by a 400cc 17° Titanium driver boasting a large flexible face and a low Centre of Gravity (CG) for unparalleled distance and forgiveness, each club in the set is meticulously crafted to foster proper fundamentals from an early age.

From fairways and hybrids featuring low-profile faces to irons and wedges designed for high launch and playability, every aspect is engineered to perfection to avoid any hindrance in technique due to improper equipment.

Precision Engineering for Junior Players

The irons and wedges in the Team TaylorMade Junior Set boast TaylorMade’s innovative inverted cone technology, featuring flexible faces and lightweight components for optimal performance.

The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the weight, length, and loft of each club, ensuring young golfers can focus on honing their skills without any compromise.

Elegance and Functionality in Design

TaylorMade Junior Golf

The bag and headcover of the Team TaylorMade Junior Set exude sophistication with their blue and white colour scheme adorned with the iconic Team TaylorMade logo.

Crafted to withstand the rigours of the course, the stand bag is water and stain-resistant, equipped with a spacious ball pocket, water bottle holder, and adjustable double strap for utmost convenience during transportation.

Availability and Pricing

The Team TaylorMade Junior Set is set to revolutionize the junior golfing experience and will be available for purchase at and select retail outlets starting April 19th.

Specifications and Pricing:

Size 1 (Age 4-6):

  • Set Makeup: Fairway Wood (28’’), 7-iron (25’’), Wedge (23.5’’), Putter (24’’)
  • Shaft: Two-tone Blue
  • Price: £249 / €319 / 3,699SEK / 3,499NOK / 2,399DKK / 329CHF

Size 2 (Age 7-9):

  • Set Makeup: Driver (34’’), Hybrid (30’’), 7-iron (28.5’’), Wedge (27’’), Putter (27’’)
  • Shaft: Blue/Grey
  • Price: £399 / €499 / 5,799SEK / 5,599NOK / 3,799DKK / 499CHF

Size 3 (Age 10-12):

  • Set Makeup: Driver (39’’), Fairway (36’’), Hybrid (34’’), 7-iron (32.5’’), 9-iron (31.5’’), Wedge (30.5’’), Putter (30’’)
  • Shaft: Blue/Black
  • Price: £499 / €629 / 7,299SEK / 6,999NOK / 4,699DKK / 629CHF

Unlock the potential of young golfers with the Team TaylorMade Junior Set, where precision meets passion, and excellence knows no age limit.