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TaylorMade Golf Unveils The Copper Club: A Modern Fusion of Heritage and Innovation


TaylorMade Golf has introduced The Copper Club, showcasing the P·770 and P·790 irons adorned with an exquisite aged copper finish, alongside the innovative BRNR Mini Driver Copper.

This release pays homage to the iconic TaylorMade designs of the past while incorporating cutting-edge technology for superior performance on the course.


P·770 & P·790 Copper: A Modern Classic Design

The P·770 and P·790 Copper irons feature a timeless aesthetic inspired by the 1980s TaylorMade logo, boasting an aged copper finish that matures gracefully over time, adding a distinct vintage charm to the clubs.

With retro logos and meticulously crafted components, these irons seamlessly blend heritage with modern innovation.

Crafted with precision, the irons come equipped with the vintage Golf Pride TaylorMade Victory Copper grip, offering golfers a nostalgic feel with every swing.

Available in both P·770 and P·790 models, golfers can choose from a range of shaft options to suit their playing style.

The P·770 and P·790 Copper sets, comprising 4-PW, are exclusively available at

Matt Bovee, Director of Product Creation Iron & Wedge at TaylorMade, emphasized the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, stating, “We wanted to elevate the perception of our brand when it comes to craftsmanship.

These irons have the feel of being both vintage and high-end, paying attention to all the little details, even down to the finish and the original recipe of the Golf Pride Victory Grip.”

P·770: Beauty and Performance Combined

The P·770 irons feature a forged hollow body construction, marrying beauty with performance.

Constructed with a soft 8620 carbon steel body and an ultra-thin forged 4140 steel face, these irons incorporate a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ for exceptional speed, flexibility, and forgiveness, all within a compact head shape.

P·790: Advanced Performance Redefined

The P·790 irons boast an advanced thick-thin back wall construction, strategically redistributing mass to enhance overall performance.

Utilizing proprietary AI mass optimization, each iron is meticulously designed to achieve specific performance goals, resulting in a larger sweet spot for improved forgiveness and consistency in ball speeds and accuracy.

Both irons feature FLTD CG™, strategically positioning the centre of gravity lowest in the long irons and progressively higher throughout the set.

This design enhances launch and playability in long irons while increasing spin in scoring irons for optimal performance on the course.

BRNR Mini Driver Copper: A Contemporary Twist on a Classic Design


Drawing inspiration from the iconic late ’90s Burner™ drivers, the BRNR Mini Driver Copper offers a modern interpretation of a timeless design.

With its distinctive copper styling and retro logos, this driver embodies a perfect blend of heritage and innovation.

Constructed using a combination of carbon fibre, titanium, and steel, the BRNR Mini Driver delivers exceptional sound, feel, and performance.

Featuring split weights, golfers can easily switch between standard and low spin settings for customized trajectory control.

Equipped with Twist Face®, Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™, and a four-degree Loft Sleeve, the BRNR Mini Driver offers a comprehensive suite of technologies for enhanced performance on the tee.

Twist Face corrects mis-hits for straighter shots, while the Speed Pocket maximizes ball speeds and forgiveness on low-face strikes.

The Loft Sleeve allows golfers to fine-tune loft and face angle for optimal flight customization.

The BRNR Mini Driver Copper is now available for purchase both in retail stores and online, providing golfers with a unique opportunity to experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation on the golf course.

For more information and to purchase the BRNR Mini Driver Copper and the P·770 and P·790 Copper irons, visit