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Streamsong Resort Partners with Tagmarshal for On-Course Optimization

Streamsong Resort

Renowned for its three top 100 courses in central Florida, Streamsong Golf Resort has selected Tagmarshal’s latest software to optimize its on-course operations.

This innovative technology, already in use at prestigious resorts managed by KemperSports, promises to revolutionize the golfing experience at Streamsong.

“Ensuring the best playing experience for our guests is our utmost priority,” stated Kevin Kennedy, General Manager at Streamsong Golf Resort.

“After evaluating the success of Tagmarshal at other leading resorts, we are confident that this software will enhance the golfing experience on our courses.”

Tagmarshal’s proprietary system provides real-time line-of-sight and analytics, tracking all movements on the courses.

The Live Map feature categorizes groups based on their pace, enabling proactive management to address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring a seamless experience for all golfers.

Miles Blundell, Director of Golf at Streamsong, highlighted the significance of this partnership in tackling pace-of-play challenges.

“At a destination like Streamsong, we strive to provide unparalleled experiences for our guests.

Tagmarshal’s software empowers us to monitor the pace of play data in real-time, exceeding guest expectations.”

The intuitive AI-powered system also offers opportunities to automate pace and flow of play management, enhance operational efficiency, and explore revenue-generating strategies such as tee sheet optimization.

With partnerships at over 35 of the Top 100 golf courses in the U.S. and numerous other courses worldwide, Tagmarshal continues to be a leader in on-course optimization technology.

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