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Stewart Golf’s VERTX Remote and Q Follow: Award-Winning Innovations Redefining the Game

Q Follow Trolleys

In the competitive world of golf equipment, British golf trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has made an impressive mark with a series of prestigious awards for their innovative products.

Golf publications from the UK and US have lauded Stewart Golf’s VERTX Remote and Q Follow models, highlighting their advanced features and superior performance.

VERTX Remote: A Technological Marvel


Since its release in 2023, the VERTX Remote has garnered significant acclaim.

Notably, it has been named ‘Editor’s Choice’ by both Golf Monthly and Today’s Golfer for two consecutive years.

This accolade is particularly impressive, as the VERTX is the only electric trolley to receive a five-star rating from Golf Monthly.

The VERTX Remote stands out with its Active Terrain Control technology, a groundbreaking feature developed by Stewart Golf.

This technology ensures the trolley maintains a consistent speed, regardless of the terrain’s slope, whether uphill, downhill, or across.

This innovation enhances the golfing experience, providing players with effortless control and reliability on the course.

Q Follow: Leading the Way in Follow Technology

The Q Follow model has also received high praise, continuing its streak of being an award-winner for four consecutive years.

Recognized as ‘Editor’s Choice’ by Bunkered Magazine and described as ‘the purchase you need in 2024’, the Q Follow’s handsfree capability sets it apart in the market.

With Follow technology, golfers can enjoy the convenience of walking the course without the need to manually steer the trolley.

This handsfree feature allows players to focus on their game, making the Q Follow a top choice for golf enthusiasts seeking both convenience and performance.

International Acclaim

Stewart Golf’s accolades extend beyond the UK. Leading US publication MyGolfSpy has described the Q Follow as ‘flawless’ in their latest test, praising it as ‘the easiest to fold and carry’.

This praise highlights the model’s user-friendly design, which simplifies transportation and storage.

Additionally, has included the Q Follow in its prestigious ‘Best of Everything’ list, alongside two other Stewart Golf machines.

This recognition underscores the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in golf trolley design.

A Word from the CEO

Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf, expressed his pride in the company’s achievements, stating, “We are immensely proud to have our range lauded by the experts.”

“Our mission is to change how the world plays golf, and we truly believe  that our trolleys provide the best playing experience for golfers worldwide.”

Stewart Golf’s series of awards highlights their dedication to advancing golf trolley technology and enhancing the golfing experience.

As they continue to innovate and receive accolades, it’s clear that Stewart Golf is setting the standard in the industry.

The Q Follow is priced from £1,749 ($2,999), and the VERTX Remote is priced from £1,349 ($1,999) Stewart Golf Website: