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Embrace the “Summer of Walking” with Stewart Golf’s Campaign


As the sun reaches its zenith on the longest day of the year, Stewart Golf launches its “Summer of Walking” campaign.

This initiative, aimed at encouraging golfers to walk the course, is a testament to the profound benefits walking has on both the game and the golfer.

Stewart Golf, renowned for its innovative electric caddies, promotes the notion that there is no better way to experience golf than by walking.

This sentiment is beautifully captured in a new video narrated by Ryder Cup legend Sam Torrance OBE.

Torrance, a long-time supporter of Stewart Golf since its inception in 2004, lends his voice to this evocative film, showcasing golfers embracing the elements, the game, and the reflective nature of walking. You can watch the video here.

“This is how golf is meant to be played,” said Torrance. “Walking lets us engage with the course in a truly meaningful way, embracing every sight and sound.

Having worked with Stewart Golf since day one, I’m proud to be a part of this video that captures the magic of walking the course.”

Health and Mindfulness on the Fairways

One of the most compelling reasons to walk is the health benefits. A study published in the European Journal of Sports Science revealed that walking the course burns between 650 and 750 calories, regardless of whether you carry your bag or use a manual or electric caddie.

Walking also enhances your connection with nature and the course. Traversing the grass, as opposed to riding on cart paths, sharpens your senses and appreciation for the surroundings.

The tranquillity, energy, and connection with nature are elements that contribute to better gameplay.

Walking the course isn’t just about health and performance; it’s also about having fun.

The joy of the game can be amplified by removing the burden of carrying your bag. Enter the electric caddie.

The Modern Walker’s Companion: Electric Caddies

Electric caddies are game-changers. These battery-powered, remote-controlled machines, such as Stewart Golf’s VERTX, X10, and Q Follow models, follow you around the course, carrying your bag and equipment.

They handle hills with ease, have sufficient power for multiple rounds, and adhere to the essential rules for human caddies: “Show up, keep up, and shut up.”

Stewart Golf’s electric caddies are not only functional but also convenient. The Q Follow series, for example, folds compactly enough to fit in the front of a Porsche.

MyGolfSpy praised it as the “easiest to fold and carry,” with its follow operation being “flawless.”

These caddies are made from a microcellular composite material that is both lightweight and strong.

The new Q Carbon Series even offers a choice of three stunning finishes—Red, Blue, and Raw—using liquid-ceramic coatings from the aerospace, military, and automotive industries.

The true allure of Stewart Golf’s electric caddies is the freedom they provide. Walking the course unencumbered by a bag allows you to fully engage with the game and the environment.

No more zig-zagging across fairways, running back for clubs, or dealing with the unpleasant aspects of sharing a cart.

A Vision Born from Experience

Reflecting on the widespread use of golf carts in the United States, where 80% of golfers ride, Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf, wanted to highlight the unique charm of walking the course.

“While driving away from a video shoot in Florida and having seen countless golfers using riding golf carts, I was struck by the idea of highlighting the magic of walking golf,” Stewart recalls.

“I pulled over and jotted down a rough poem, which eventually evolved into the final script. In my mind, I could hear Sam’s melodic Scottish brogue bringing the words to life.”

Stewart Golf’s “Summer of Walking” campaign is a call to golfers everywhere to rediscover the joy and benefits of walking the course.

For more information, visit the Stewart Golf website.