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Stewart Golf Announces Partnership with On Course Foundation

Stewart Golf On Course Foundation partners

In a move that’s sure to warm the hearts of golf enthusiasts and patriots alike, British electric trolley manufacturer, Stewart Golf, has announced a new charity partnership with On Course Foundation, providing much-needed support to wounded veterans.

The On Course Foundation is a remarkable charity dedicated to aiding wounded, injured, and sick veterans through the game of golf.

Their mission goes beyond mere pastime; it’s about transforming lives. The foundation offers golfing tuition, work experience placements, and employment opportunities within the golf industry, all aimed at boosting the physical and mental well-being of veterans.

These initiatives are designed to help veterans regain confidence and independence—traits that can often be shattered in the face of severe injuries and trauma.

“Without the support of the golfing community and companies like Stewart Golf, the important work of the On Course Foundation wouldn’t exist,” said John Dodds, Executive Director of the On Course Foundation USA.  

“The more golf teaching moments we provide, the more physically, mentally and professionally capable and happy Service members become.”

“At Stewart Golf, we are committed to enhancing the golfing experience for all players, and our partnership with the On Course Foundation reflects our dedication to supporting those who have served their country,” said Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf.

“We are proud to contribute to the recovery and well-being of veterans through this collaboration.”

To commemorate this newfound partnership, Stewart Golf has rolled out a unique military-inspired camouflage Q Follow trolley.

Camo Q Follow

This special edition trolley is not just a functional piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of solidarity and support.

The trolley is being auctioned to raise funds and awareness for the On Course Foundation’s program.

The proceeds will directly support the foundation’s confidence-building, golf coaching, and employment events, ensuring that more veterans can benefit from their comprehensive support system.

In the grand tapestry of golf, this partnership between Stewart Golf and On Course Foundation weaves a narrative of compassion, resilience, and community.

It’s a reminder that golf is more than just a game—it’s a lifeline for those who have sacrificed so much.