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Scott Wormleighton Triumphs at Logan Trophy Amidst Challenging Conditions

Scott Wormleighton

On a day where the wind seemed to have a mind of its own and the rain danced merrily around Orsett Golf Club, Scott Wormleighton emerged as the champion of the Logan Trophy in grand style.

Battling through the elements, Wormleighton shot a stellar 69, three under par, on the final round, leaving the 2023 champion, David Corben, and the rest trailing by three impressive shots.

“I feel over the moon,” Wormleighton remarked, his voice echoing the thrill of victory.

“Kicking off with two straight birdies was the dream start. I stuck with my strategy of keeping the ball on the fairway, primarily using my trusty 2-iron. It really simplifies your game when you play it safe like that.”

The triumph was not just a feather in his cap but marked the pinnacle of his golfing journey thus far.

“It’s the biggest win of my golfing career,” he admitted, with a smile that could light up the dreary setting.

His celebration plans? “A long drive home, a few beers, and a hearty takeaway to top it off!”

From the get-go, Wormleighton was in the zone, chipping in a birdie on the very first hole.

He kept his momentum with three birdies in the first five holes, setting a pace that few could match on that gusty day.

His final score of three-under-par was a testament to his precision and calm under pressure.

David Corben, the prior year’s champion, didn’t find his rhythm early, suffering bogeys that set him back.

However, he managed a mid-course correction with birdies on the 4th and 8th, keeping him within striking distance until the very end.

Meanwhile, Joseph Deraney, leading at the start of the day, found the back-nine particularly punishing.

His hopes dwindled with five bogeys over the last six holes, ultimately tying him for fourth place.

The local heroes, Shaun Mills and Jason Renton of Orsett, made significant strides in the leaderboard with their final round performances.

Mills’s five birdies brought him a score of one under par for the day, tying him for fourth overall, while Renton’s eagle and additional birdies showcased his skill and determination.

Scott Wormleighton with the Logan Trophy
© Leaderboard Photography

Andy Grimwood also made headlines with his birdie-filled round, propelling him into a tied-sixth finish, as he was one of only three players to score under par on the tournament’s final day.

Scott Wormleighton’s victory at the Logan Trophy is a story of resilience, strategy, and a bit of fairway magic.

It wasn’t just a win against the field—it was a triumph over the elements, proving once again that in golf, the brave and the strategic often reap the rewards.