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Rory McIlroy Triumphs at Wells Fargo Championship 2024

Rory Mcilroy

Rory McIlroy clinched his fourth Wells Fargo Championship title at Quail Hollow Club, fueled by his exceptional performance with the Qi10 driver and the new TP5x MySymbol golf ball.

His final round 65 propelled him to victory, showcasing his prowess off the tee and on the greens.

Starting the day one stroke behind the leader, McIlroy surged ahead with consecutive birdies, ultimately tying for the lead at 13-under par.

A remarkable 34-foot eagle putt on the back nine propelled him to a one-stroke lead, which he maintained with a string of birdies and a spectacular chip-in eagle on the 15th hole, securing a comfortable six-stroke victory.

This triumph marked McIlroy’s first outing with his personalized TP5x MySymbol golf ball, featuring his nickname “RORS” in place of the traditional number 1.

His victory also highlighted his exceptional driving prowess, consistently delivering long and accurate shots throughout the tournament.

McIlroy’s driving performance was particularly impressive, consistently delivering drives of over 300 yards and frequently exceeding the 350-yard mark.

Rory Mcilroy

Notably, he led the field in both Strokes Gained: Off the Tee and Driving Distance, showcasing his dominance from the tee box.

A key component of McIlroy’s success was his decision to switch to the Qi10 driver, a choice driven by his desire to maximize forgiveness and distance off the tee.

With its larger head profile and enhanced forgiveness, the Qi10 allowed McIlroy to confidently return to a longer shaft length, resulting in improved control and distance off the tee.

McIlroy’s putting was equally impressive, with his Spider Tour X putter playing a pivotal role in his victory.

Notably, he ranked second in Strokes Gained: Putting, sinking crucial putts throughout the final round to maintain his lead and secure the win.

With his fourth Wells Fargo Championship title, McIlroy showcased his unwavering skill and determination, solidifying his status as one of golf’s premier talents.

His victory serves as a testament to his exceptional ability and relentless pursuit of excellence on the course.

Rory Mcilroy

In the final round, McIlroy registered drives of:

  • 1st Hole: 344-yards
  • 2nd Hole: 321-yards
  • 3rd Hole: 312-yards
  • 5th Hole: 336-yards
  • 7th Hole: 338-yards
  • 8th Hole: 312-yards
  • 9th Hole: 317-yards
  • 10th Hole: 367-yards
  • 11th hole: 313-yards
  • 12th Hole: 332-yards
  • 14th hole: 295-yards
  • 15th hole: 301-yards
  • 16th hole: 349-yards
  • 18th hole: 330-yards

For the week, McIlroy was 1st in Strokes Gained: Off the Tee (6.1) and in Driving Distance at 337-yards.

He registered six drives over 350-yards and 32 drives over 325 yards.


  • Head: Qi10 9.0°
  • Measured Loft: 8.25°
  • Loft Sleeve: 1.5° sleeve set to one click lower
  • Lie: 57.5°
  • Shaft: Ventus Black 6X
  • Length: 45”
  • Tipping: 1’’
  • Swingweight: D4
  • Grip: Golf Pride Multi-Compound Black/White Rib (1+1 Wraps Logo Up)

In years past, Rory shortened his driver shaft to 44 inches as it tightened his dispersion off the tee compared to a longer length shaft.

Now with the Qi10, Rory had a chance for the first time in a few years to be able to go back to a longer shaft at 45 inches without sacrificing any change in dispersion.

“I played 45 (inch driver shaft) for most of my career, so I just felt like there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to hit a drive that’s 45 inches and control it and do what I want to do with it.

The one thing that has made me comfortable going back to a slightly longer shaft is the profile of this Qi10 head.

I just think that the slightly larger profile of the Qi10 with the longer shaft in it looks good to me and I can find the middle of it easier.” – Rory McIlroy  


McIlroy’s win with Spider Tour X marks the 10th win on the PGA TOUR in 2024 with a Spider putter.

McIlroy has now won three times in 2024 with the putter since putting it in play at the start of the season.

Below is Rory’s winning spec:

  • Head: Spider Tour X
  • Hosel: Short Slant
  • Shaft: Black Stepless
  • Length: 34 1/2 EOG
  • Loft: 2.7°
  • Lie: 69.5°
  • Swingweight: E1.5
  • Grip: SuperStroke Pistol Tour
  • Wraps: 1