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The Range Picker Robot That Is Revolutionizing Golf Practice Ranges

Relox Robotics Range Picker

Relox Robotics has introduced a game-changer in the world of golf with its Range Picker robot, revolutionising how golfers practice at driving ranges.

Already deployed in prestigious clubs like PGA Frisco in Texas and Seve Golf Centre in Rotterdam, this autonomous marvel is reshaping the golfing experience.

With over 60 million golfers globally and the sport’s popularity soaring, Range Picker addresses a critical need in the industry.

By automating ball collection and management, it not only boosts golf clubs’ profitability but also enhances sustainability efforts.

Equipped with GPS, a digital map, and powered by clean electricity, Range Picker sets itself apart from traditional diesel-powered tractors.

Its eight-hour runtime ensures efficient ball collection without the need for physical boundaries on the range.

GPS, digital map, and automated transport & cleaning.

Marcus Olsson is the CEO of Relox Robotics and one of the company’s founders.
Marcus Olsson is the CEO of Relox Robotics and one of the company’s founders.

Marcus Olsson, CEO of Relox, explains that the Range Picker is robust, making it popular not just among golf clubs but also among golfers:

“The Range Picker is equipped with GPS, a digital map, and is completely autonomous.

Moreover, it’s electric, unlike today’s diesel-powered tractors. Many of Relox’s customers also choose to complement it with solar panels.

This way, the Range Picker can be powered by clean electricity, making it an even more sustainable solution,” Marcus says, and continues:

“The robot is electric with a runtime of just over eight hours. During this time, it can go around and collect hundreds, if not thousands, of balls.

Thanks to the GPS, no markings or physical boundaries are needed on the range.”

Partnering with Compotech, Relox Robotics has overcome challenges in motor precision, ensuring seamless control over Range Picker’s movements.

“When the trailer starts to fill up, the Range Picker heads to a ditch where it transfers the balls.

The drop-off is the start of a complete cleaning and transport system, where the initial coarse cleaning and transport step is performed with circulating and rushing water.

The transport system moves the balls along by the help of water, to a cleaning machine equipped with rotating brushes.

In the next step, the balls are transported underground in the system, back to the golfers where they become available again,” Marcus continues.

The drive system of the golf robot.

“A key part of the system is the high-precision motors, and this is where Compotech come into the picture.”

Marcus discusses challenges with the robot’s drive system: “We needed help gaining full control over the robot’s movements and finding motors with millimetre precision.

Along this way, Compotech helped us with analyses and simulations that ensure we have a drive system that meets all our requirements,” says Marcus, and continues: “At Compotech you have the experience necessary for this kind of project.

For us you are the partner who can handle logistics, and mass production with quality control, which means that Relox Robotics can focus on our expertise – designing more smart and efficient robots.”

As Relox Robotics continues to innovate, their collaboration with Compotech remains pivotal.

Together, they’re driving the future of golf practice and automation, promising an exciting journey ahead for golf enthusiasts worldwide.

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