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Prostate Cancer UK Launches Mixed Pairs Format to Encourage Golf Club Members to Fundraise Together

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Prostate Cancer UK is swinging into action with an exciting new initiative that aims to blend the camaraderie of golf with the critical mission of raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer research.

In a groundbreaking move, the charity is launching a Mixed Pairs campaign for 2025, underscoring the pivotal role that women play in supporting their husbands, brothers, sons, and friends affected by this pervasive disease.

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Prostate cancer, the most common cancer among men, impacts 1 in 8 men in the UK. Behind each diagnosis, there’s a network of family and friends, often women, who are also deeply affected.

Prostate Cancer UK’s new event format aims to harness the growing support of women golfers, creating opportunities for golf clubs to host diverse fundraising events and encouraging more women to participate.

“When someone in the golf club is diagnosed with prostate cancer not only does it have a huge impact on the man diagnosed with the disease, it has a significant effect on their family, friends and golfing partners,” commented Seren Evans, Head of Community and Events Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK.

“Golfers want to be proactive and feel like they are doing something positive to show their support, which is where this new Mixed Pair fundraising event is perfect.”

“We love this format as it allows everyone at the club to get involved and it is also a fantastic way to celebrate men affected by prostate cancer and the women who have supported them along the way.”

The inaugural Mixed Tournament launch event will take place at Little Aston in Birmingham on 24th July, featuring notable participants like David and Sandra Hadley-Smith.


David, a member of Moor Hall Golf Club in Sutton Coldfield, shared his story: “It was a huge shock when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

“I panicked and did the worst thing you can do and go on Google. But it was my wife Sandra, my family and friends, who got me through and helped me deal with the diagnosis.”

“Her support has been unwavering, and we both decided to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK via our club.”

“We’re delighted there’s a new format for a golfing event to raise money; Sandra and I regularly play in Mixed Pairs events so we’re very keen to support this new initiative.”

This innovative format will be rolled out to golf clubs across the UK later this year, forming a significant addition to Prostate Cancer UK’s already robust golf program.

Over the past decade, the charity has raised an impressive £6,000,000 through tailored support for golf club captains, golfers hosting golf days, and through The Big Golf Race, the flagship fundraiser that challenges golfers to play 36, 72, or even 100+ holes in a single day.

Prostate Cancer UK will collaborate with The PGA, the UK Golf Federation, the British Golf Industry Association, and HowDidiDo to promote this new Mixed Pairs format, aiming to save lives through increased awareness and funding.

Golfers interested in setting up their own Mixed Pairs event to support Prostate Cancer UK in 2025 will receive expert assistance from the charity’s golfing team.

This includes a comprehensive golf fundraising pack featuring golf balls, tees, health information, branded merchandise, and tailored support and advice on best practices for organizing these events.

For more details on how to get involved, visit or email