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Pivo Camera Review: A Game-Changer for Golf Practice and Swing Perfection

Golfer with trainer using PIVO tripod

Golf is a game of precision, and improving your swing often requires high-tech tools that offer real-time feedback.

Recently, I had the chance to test the Pivo Camera, a revolutionary device designed to enhance your practice sessions through auto-tracking technology and smartphone integration.

Setting Up: Quick and Easy

Setting up the Pivo Camera was surprisingly straightforward. The device is compact and lightweight, allowing me to carry it easily in my golf bag.

I attached my smartphone to the camera’s mount and downloaded the Pivo app to start the setup.

The process took just a few minutes, and soon I was ready to take it to the driving range to see how it would perform.

At the Driving Range: Real-Time Feedback

At the driving range, the Pivo Camera quickly became an essential part of my practice routine.

As I positioned it in front of me, the auto-tracking feature kicked in, smoothly following my every movement as I swung the club.

With this instant feedback it was almost like having a personal coach who never missed a shot.

The real-time feedback was incredible. Each swing was recorded from multiple angles, allowing me to review the footage and identify any flaws in my posture or grip.

This level of detail helped me make immediate adjustments, and I noticed improvements in my swing after just a few sessions with Pivo.

Customising Your Practice Sessions

What I loved most about the Pivo Camera was its versatility. The app offered various shooting modes, allowing me to compare my current swings with previous ones.

This feature was invaluable for tracking my progress over time. I could also record putting practice and even experiment with trick shots, capturing every angle with ease.

The Pivo Camera made practising more engaging and personalised. Instead of just hitting balls, I could set specific goals and track my progress, which kept me motivated throughout my sessions.

Attracting Attention: A Conversation Starter

One unexpected aspect of using the Pivo Camera at the driving range was the attention it garnered.

Other golfers were curious about the device and often approached me to ask questions.

While some might find this distracting, I enjoyed the interaction, and it even led to some interesting conversations about technology in golf.

Beyond Golf: Versatility for Other Sports

After my success with the Pivo Camera on the golf course, I decided to try it with other sports activities.

Its auto-tracking and 360-degree capture capabilities proved just as useful for my Pilates practice.

The device’s adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for athletes and content creators seeking to capture dynamic footage from multiple angles.

Final Thoughts: A Must-Have for Golfers

The Pivo Camera has changed the way I practice golf. Its real-time feedback, auto-tracking technology, and versatility have made it an invaluable tool for improving my swing.

Whether you’re an aspiring golfer or a seasoned pro, the Pivo Camera can take your game to the next level.

Available from and Amazon, the Pivo Camera is a must-have for anyone serious about golf.

If you’re looking to enhance your practice sessions and gain insights into your swing, give Pivo a try—you definitely won’t be disappointed.