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Phil Mickelson and HyFlyers GC Team Up with Bunkers in Baghdad

group shot during the Bukers in Bagdad Clinic with Founder and President, Joe Hanna, Captain Phil Mickelson, Andy Ogletree, Cameron Tringale and Brendan Steele of HyFlyers GC during the practice round

In a heartwarming alliance blending golfing prowess with a profound sense of gratitude and service, the HyFlyers Golf Club, led by the indomitable Phil Mickelson, has announced a dynamic partnership with the esteemed Bunkers in Baghdad organisation and its inspiring Bunkers Buddies program.

With a personal connection steeped in military heritage – Mickelson’s father a valiant fighter jet pilot – the Mickelson family has long been committed to supporting causes dear to the hearts of those who serve.

© Chris Trotman/LIV Golf

Now, through their collaboration with Bunkers in Baghdad, they’re bringing golf’s joyous spirit to those who’ve sacrificed for their country.

At the upcoming LIV Golf Houston event, fans have an extraordinary opportunity to participate in this noble endeavour.

By simply donating a dozen golf balls at designated HyFlyers drop boxes, patrons will receive complimentary grounds pass tickets for the day.

It’s a chance to enjoy world-class golf while making a meaningful contribution to a cause larger than the sport itself.

Bunkers in Baghdad, renowned for its tireless efforts in collecting and distributing golf equipment to military personnel worldwide, embodies the essence of service and camaraderie.

From soldiers stationed in distant lands to veterans seeking solace in familiar pastimes, the organization delivers a piece of home through the simple joy of golf.

“We are forever grateful for the sacrifice that the men and women of our country have made to provide the freedoms we all take for granted,” Mickelson reflects with reverence.

“We want to help bring some enjoyment to our military with the game of golf.”

But the partnership extends beyond mere recreation; it’s about instilling values of gratitude and generosity in future generations.

Mickelson and his HyFlyers team recently conducted a clinic for children of high-ranking military personnel in Houston, paying homage to local legend Jackie Burke by incorporating his timeless teachings into the session.

As Joseph M. Hanna, President of Bunkers in Baghdad, eloquently states, “In planting this seed with the next generation about the importance of kindness and service to others, we can instil in our children the very values our troops embody.”

With a remarkable milestone of 15 years and 15 million golf balls donated, Bunkers in Baghdad’s impact resonates far and wide.

From wounded veterans undergoing rehabilitation to students engaging in acts of service, the organisation’s reach is as expansive as its heart is generous.

By partnering with Bunkers in Baghdad and the Bunkers Buddies program, HyFlyers GC underscores its commitment to youth engagement, sustainability, and honouring the military.

It’s a synergistic alliance that not only enriches lives but also embodies the transformative spirit of LIV Golf’s initiatives.

In this convergence of sport and service, Phil Mickelson and the HyFlyers team epitomise the timeless adage: it’s not just about the game you play, but the difference you make along the way.