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SuperStroke Launches Exclusive 2024 PGA Championship Putter Grips

SuperStroke 2024 PGA Championship Putter Grips

SuperStroke, renowned for pioneering golf grip technology, launches officially licensed PGA Championship putter grips paying homage to Kentucky’s cultural heritage.

Available in Zenergy Tour 2.0 and 3.0 models exclusively on and at Valhalla Golf Club during the 2024 PGA Championship, these grips feature Kentucky-inspired design elements.

SuperStroke Founder and CEO Dean Dingman expressed excitement: “It’s an honour to pay tribute to the 2024 PGA Championship and the marvellous host city of Louisville, Kentucky with this special edition putter grip release.”

The grip also features a collage of images that call to mind some of Kentucky’s most iconic cultural symbols. The artistic and colourful symbols seen on this grip include:

Horseshoes, Roses, and Jockeys Riding Racehorses – In honor of the 150-year tradition of Louisville hosting the most celebrated event in horseracing in which the winning horse is draped in a blanket of roses.

Mint Julep Cocktails – Celebrating the official beverage of Louisville’s week-long Derby festival since 1939. The connection to the sport’s most famous race and mint juleps can actually be traced back as far as the 1820s when sterling silver julep cups were awarded as trophies to first-place jockeys.

Wooden Baseball Bats – In homage to the iconic piece of sporting equipment Louisville has famously been providing to the stars of America’s Favorite Pastime since 1894.

Bourbon Bottles – Arguably the most definitively American distilled spirit, this dark, rich barrel-aged beverage has become synonymous with Kentucky and drives a significant amount of tourism to the Bluegrass State.

Dingman highlighted the significance of these symbols, symbolizing Kentucky’s rich heritage and deep connection to sports and tradition.

SuperStroke’s Zenergy grips combine a soft, tacky outer layer with a firm rubber inner core, providing exceptional grip, stability, and feedback.

The latest Spyne™ Technology and Multi-Zone Texturing enhance control and comfort, while the patented No-Taper Shaping promotes stroke consistency.

Trusted by top professional golfers, SuperStroke grips have dominated major tours, winning 72 tournaments in 2023 alone.

With a focus on innovation and feedback from tour pros, SuperStroke continues to revolutionize the golf grip market.

For golfers seeking unparalleled performance and style, SuperStroke offers a range of innovative grips.

Product Specifications: 

Tour 2.0: 

Width: 1.17″ 
Length: 10.50″ 
Weight: 55g 
Core: 0.58″ 

Tour 3.0:
Width: 1.26″
Weight: 66g
Core: 0.58″

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