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OGIO Shakes Up the Golf Bag Market with Limited-Edition Agave Ahora Collection

OGIO Agave Ahora golf bag collection

OGIO Europe has uncorked a fresh addition to their lineup, the limited-edition Agave Ahora golf bag collection.

Inspired by the agave plant, this tequila-themed range is set to make every round of golf feel like happy hour.

The Agave Ahora collection dazzles with a vibrant print featuring agave flowers, tequila glasses, lime slices, and ice cubes.

This bold design is a part of OGIO’s signature aesthetic, offering golf enthusiasts a striking and fun option for their equipment.

Available in three popular models, the Agave Ahora collection brings a fresh twist to the golf course.

Fuse Stand Bag: A Lightweight Marvel – RRP £229/€269

The Fuse Stand Bag, now available in six colourways with the addition of the Agave Ahora design, is a testament to OGIO’s commitment to blending style with functionality.

This lightweight carry option is perfect for golfers of all ages and abilities, featuring a four-way full-length divider top for club organization and six front-facing pockets, including a rapid snap access pocket.

The Fuse Stand Bag’s combination of bold design and practical features makes it an ideal companion for those looking to make a statement on the greens.

All Elements Silencer Cart Bag: Silence is Golden – RRP £319/€369

OGIO Agave Ahora golf cart bag

For those who prefer a cart bag, the All Elements Silencer Cart Bag in the Agave Ahora design is a game-changer.

Featuring OGIO’s unique silencer technology, this bag includes a premium 15-way moulded top that locks each club into place, preventing the annoying rattling and potential damage that can occur during a round.

This innovative feature ensures a quieter, more enjoyable game while maintaining the vibrant style of the Agave Ahora collection.

All Elements Woodē Hybrid Bag: Waterproof and Wonderful – RRP £289/€349

OGIO Agave Ahora golf bag collection

The All Elements Woodē Hybrid Bag is another stellar option in the Agave Ahora range.

This fully waterproof bag comes with an eight-way top, offering superior protection and organization for your clubs in all weather conditions.

Combining practicality with the eye-catching Agave Ahora design, the Woodē Hybrid Bag is perfect for golfers who demand both style and substance.

OGIO’s Commitment to Innovation

Michael Birch, head of OGIO, proudly stated, “At OGIO, we have always looked to push the boundaries when it comes to creating something different and distinctive in a crowded marketplace.

Our limited-edition Agave Ahora design is a great example of that, and if pre-sales are anything to go by, this promises to be one of the most popular golf products in the history of our business.”

The Agave Ahora collection arrives hot on the heels of the release of OGIO’s first premium synthetic golf bag, the OGIO SHADOW.

Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines and meticulously crafted details of luxury sports cars, the SHADOW bag merges modern design with timeless elegance.

It features a perforated hip pad for maximum carrying comfort and a magnetic pocket for accessories, cementing OGIO’s reputation for innovation and quality.

OGIO’s Storied Legacy

Founded in 1987, OGIO has carved out a niche with its inventive designs and technologically advanced personal storage products.

Their offerings span across a wide variety of sports, making them a key player in the industry.

From the lightweight Fuse Stand Bag to the silencing technology of the Silencer Cart Bag and the waterproof efficiency of the Woodē Hybrid Bag, OGIO continues to set the standard in the golf bag market.

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