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Beyond the Stage: Niall Horan’s Passion For Golf And The Ai Smoke Driver

Niall Horan

During an exclusive interview conducted by Callaway at the Hero Dubai Desert Classic Pro-Am, the spotlight shone brightly on global sensation Niall Horan.

Renowned for his musical prowess as a member of One Direction, Horan’s profound passion for golf took centre stage as he delved into his deep-seated affection for the sport from an early age.

Despite his demanding touring schedule, Horan revealed his adeptness at carving out time for a few rounds of golf, underscoring his unwavering dedication to the game.

As the dialogue unfolded, Horan offered insights into the remarkable journey of Modest Golf, a venture he co-founded, which has witnessed substantial growth and acclaim within the golfing community.

From nurturing emerging talent to fostering inclusivity within the sport, Modest Golf stands as a testament to Horan’s commitment to enriching the golfing landscape.

Naturally, the conversation also touched upon Horan’s latest endeavour – the #AiSmoke Driver.

Watch the full video below where Horan shares his experiences with this innovative addition to his golfing arsenal, expressing optimism about its potential to propel his game to new heights.

Through this candid exchange facilitated by Callaway, it became evident that for Niall Horan, golf is not merely a hobby but a profound passion that continues to shape his journey both on and off the stage.

As he navigates the intersection of music and golf with finesse, Horan’s unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration to fans and enthusiasts alike, solidifying his status as a true icon both on The Course and beyond.