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The MOST Golf Courses Walked In A Year


Golfing fanatic, photographer, and Stewart Golf ambassador, Patrick Koenig, recently smashed the world record for the number of golf courses played in a year (580 to be exact), but the most impressive part may be that for the majority of these rounds, he walked.

Koenig traversed the United States, playing 18-hole rounds on 580 different golf courses, whilst covering 41 states.

Patrick Koenig with Stewart Golf Trolley

His journey started at the outset of 2023 and was capped at Chambers Bay in the state of Washington, site of the 2015 U.S. Open. He helped raise $40,000 along the way for charities.

Only when you break down the walking stats of Koenig’s challenge do you fully appreciate the magnitude of his achievements.

His 1,523 miles walked equates to a staggering 58.1 marathons, 245.7 laps around Central Park, or a leisurely stroll from Madrid to Copenhagen.

Speaking on his world record to The Wall Street Journal, Koenig revealed that of the 580 courses played, he had walked at least 70% of them, accompanied by ‘Stewie’, his trusty Stewart Golf Q Follow electric trolley. The previous record stood at 449, a record that Koenig surpassed on October 17th.

“I love to walk, and I always prefer to walk,” said Koenig. “I like rolling with my guy Stewie. You definitely feel like you accomplish more.

Everybody takes a cart here and there, at least in America, but when you’re rocking with Stewie and you’re done, you’re like ‘Oh yeah, that was a good 18!’”.

Throughout his challenge, Koenig continued his work as a professional golf course photographer, swapping the clubs for a camera between shots.

Patrick Koenig Stats Infographic

Having Stewie following behind also allowed Koenig to be completely hands-free, giving him the freedom to get those all-important snaps.

“Walking a golf course is probably 5-10 times more immersive than getting in a cart. As a photographer, walking the course takes me to places and angles that I might not see if I’m in a cart. I love to walk over riding, that’s for sure.”

Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf, says that golfers looking to emulate Koenig and walk more rounds of golf this year should consider an electric trolley as the answer to help play the course as it was intended — on foot.

“Not only will walking the course provide a great exercise boost,” Stewart says, “but it’s also proven to significantly improve mental health, allowing you to fully take in your surroundings and be at one with nature.”