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SuperStroke Unveils Marvel Super Heroes Grip Collection

Marvel SuperStroke Putter Grips

In an exciting blend of golf and superhero fandom, SuperStroke, the No. 1 Putter Grip in golf and a leader in innovative, Tour-proven grip technology, has announced the launch of its Marvel Super Heroes Grip Collection.

Featuring iconic characters like the Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, these putter grips bring colourful, action-packed graphics to the green, adding a new dimension of fun and flair to every putt.

Imagine this: You step onto the green, channelling the strength of the Hulk, the ingenuity of Iron Man, or the agility of Spider-Man with every stroke.

These new grips are more than just accessories—they’re game-enhancing tools designed to instil confidence and a touch of superhero style into your play.

Each grip is a SuperStroke Zenergy Tour 2.0 model, meticulously crafted to feature the signature colours of its respective hero.

The Iron Man grip boasts a striking red and gold palette, the Spider-Man grip dazzles with blue and red, and the Hulk grip radiates a powerful green.

A visual delight, these grips are not only about aesthetics. Each one comes with a matching ball marker, showcasing the featured character, and making sure your style is coordinated down to the last detail.

“Who wouldn’t want to feel like a superhero every time they putt? With SuperStroke’s new Marvel grips, you can add a touch of confidence, performance, and playful style to your game,” says SuperStroke CEO Dean Dingman.

“We’re proud to introduce this Marvel collection of Zenergy Tour 2.0 putter grips to appeal to golfers of any age, who are fans of Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.”

The Marvel Super Heroes Grip Collection is built on the trusted Tour 2.0 design. Known for its consistent lower hand profile, the Tour 2.0 putter grip reduces grip pressure and promotes a steady putter head path, ensuring a more reliable and uniform stroke.

This design is a product of relentless innovation and feedback from over 600 tour pros, making it a preferred choice for golfers aiming for precision and consistency.

SuperStroke’s dedication to excellence is evident in every grip. The Tour Series parallel design, coupled with the brand’s signature shapes and sizes, ensures each grip is a masterpiece of cutting-edge materials and superior craftsmanship.

The result is an unparalleled connection between golfer and putter, elevating the overall putting experience.

For those eager to add these superhero-inspired grips to their collection, more details are available on SuperStroke’s official website.

The site offers a comprehensive look at their innovative golf grips and the latest news from the company.

In the end, the Marvel Super Heroes Grip Collection by SuperStroke is more than just a set of putter grips.

It’s an invitation to experience the thrill of Marvel’s legendary heroes while enjoying the game of golf.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, these grips promise to bring a new level of excitement and performance to your game.

For more details on SuperStroke’s range of innovative golf grips and to keep up with the latest news from the company, visit SuperStroke USA.