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Nelly Korda Clinches Historic Third Consecutive Victory At The Ford Championship

Nelly Korda

In a display of sheer dominance and resilience, Nelly Korda orchestrated a stunning comeback to secure her third consecutive triumph at the Ford Championship Presented by KCC.

Armed with her trusty Qi10 Max driver and TP5x golf ball, Korda delivered a masterful performance, culminating in a Sunday 65 to finish an impressive 20-under and claim victory by a margin of two strokes, etching her name into the annals of LPGA Tour history.

Nelly Korda

Korda’s victory not only marks her 11th triumph on the LPGA Tour but also distinguishes her as the first American player since 1978 to achieve three consecutive wins.

With a strategic approach and unwavering determination, Korda navigated the challenging course with finesse, showcasing her exceptional skill and composure under pressure.

Amidst the final round tension, Korda’s precision and poise shone through as she made pivotal birdies on the back nine to seize the lead.

Notably, her remarkable approach on the 16th hole, utilizing her P·7MC iron to nearly spin her TP5x golf ball into the hole, exemplified her unwavering focus and execution under scrutiny.

Nelly Korda holds her TaylorMade Golf ball

With a flawless finish on the 18th, where she secured her seventh birdie of the day, Korda cemented her status as the clubhouse leader, sealing her victory emphatically.

Delving into her equipment choices, Korda’s selection of the Qi10 Max 10.5° driver and TP5x golf ball proved instrumental in her triumph.

Since integrating the Qi10 Max driver into her arsenal in November 2023, Korda has achieved unparalleled success, crediting its sleek design and precision with her ability to consistently find the centre of the clubface and execute shots with precision.

Furthermore, her switch to the TP5x golf ball in the fall of 2023 reflects her commitment to optimising spin control and launch characteristics, a decision that has undoubtedly contributed to her recent string of victories.

Korda’s strategic approach extends to her iron selection, notably employing a combination of P·770 and P·7MC irons to maximize performance and versatility on the course.

With the P·770 5-iron offering enhanced height and spin characteristics, complemented by the precision and workability of the P·7MC irons, Korda’s setup empowers her to tackle a diverse range of shots with confidence and accuracy.


Nelly Korda Irons
Nelly Korda P·770 5-iron
  • LOFT: 25.5°
  • LIE: 63°
  • SHAFT: AeroTech SteelFiber i80 cw Hard Stepped
  • LENGTH: 38 1/16
  • TIPPING: None

Beyond her remarkable achievements on the course, Korda’s win at the Ford Championship underscores her enduring legacy as one of the premier talents in women’s golf.

As the first player since 2016 to secure three consecutive victories on the LPGA Tour, Korda’s remarkable feat cements her status as a trailblazer in the sport.

With each triumph, she continues to inspire a new generation of golfers, showcasing the relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering determination that define her illustrious career.

Korda’s historic win at the Ford Championship is a testament to her exceptional skill, unwavering resolve, and meticulous preparation.

As she continues to redefine the boundaries of success, her journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the world of golf.


  • Qi10 Max 10.5° Driver: 252-Yards
  • Stealth 2 15.0° 3-wood: 232-Yards
  • Stealth 2 21.0° 7-wood: 218-Yards
  • Hybrid: 200-Yards
  • P·770 5-iron: 185-Yards
  • P·7MC 6-iron: 169-Yards
  • P·7MC 7-iron: 154-Yards
  • P·7MC 8-iron: 144-Yards
  • P·7MC 9-iron: 135-Yards
  • P·7MC PW: 124-Yards
  • Milled Grind 4 50°: 115-Yards
  • Milled Grind 4 54°: 100-Yards
  • 60° Wedge: 83-Yards
  • Ball: TP5x