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LIV Golf Partners with Global Interactive Entertainment Leader Zynga to Bring Branded Tournaments to Golf Rival

LIV Golf Zynga Rival

In an exciting turn of events, LIV Golf has announced a dynamic partnership with Zynga Inc., a leading force in the world of interactive entertainment.

This collaboration will introduce LIV Golf-branded content to Zynga’s immensely popular mobile golf game, Golf Rival.

LIV Golf Zynga Rival

This initiative marks a significant milestone as LIV Golf ventures into the vibrant and ever-expanding realm of mobile gaming.

From June 8-16, players of Golf Rival will be thrust into a whirlwind of competitive excitement as they partake in a limited-time tournament.

This special event will feature exclusive LIV Golf-branded golf balls, designed to enhance gameplay on even the trickiest of holes.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. To further commemorate this innovative partnership, Golf Rival will host an additional in-game tournament from July 20-28, giving players another chance to engage with LIV Golf-themed content.

For those unfamiliar with Golf Rival, the game is a global sensation, available as a free download on both iOS and Android devices.

It offers fast-paced, competitive golf matches against players from around the world, set across a variety of imaginative and fantastical courses.

The game’s popularity and engaging gameplay have made it a standout in the mobile gaming world.

Branko Milutinović, head of Zynga’s Nordeus studio, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Like Golf Rival, LIV Golf delivers its competition in fun, innovative ways that are connecting with young, diverse audiences.”

“We are very excited to partner with LIV Golf on their first foray into mobile games and help grow golf through digital gameplay worldwide!”

LIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman also shared his excitement: “This partnership with Zynga, one of the world’s leading mobile game developers, marks an exciting step forward into the incredibly popular and fast-growing gaming space.

As we continue to build for the future, our league is uniquely positioned through the development of team brands, player IP and exciting new technologies to engage with mobile interactive entertainment – and we’re just getting started.”

Zynga, a global titan in interactive entertainment, has a mission to connect the world through games.

With a reach spanning more than 175 countries and regions, Zynga’s diverse portfolio of popular game franchises, including Golf Rival, has amassed over 6 billion downloads on mobile devices.

This partnership with LIV Golf is yet another testament to Zynga’s commitment to bringing innovative and engaging content to its vast user base.

The collaboration between LIV Golf and Zynga represents a harmonious blend of traditional sports and modern digital entertainment.

As fans of both golf and gaming gear up for the upcoming tournaments in Golf Rival, the excitement is palpable.

This partnership is not just a leap into the gaming world for LIV Golf but also a bridge connecting the thrilling worlds of golf and mobile gaming, promising an exhilarating experience for players and fans alike.