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KBS Expands Its Popular MAX Graphite Shaft Family with New Hybrid Shaft Aimed at Slower Swing Speeds

KBS MAX HL Hybrid shafts

In a move that’s sure to delight golfers with slower swing speeds, KBS has expanded its renowned MAX Graphite family.

Known for producing high-performance shafts for every club in the bag, KBS has introduced the all-new MAX HL Hybrid shaft.

This addition is designed to help golfers achieve a higher launch trajectory, ensuring those long shots into the green and fairway are met with maximum accuracy and forgiveness.

Following the successful debut of the driver shaft earlier this year, the MAX HL Hybrid shaft comes with the same E.I. curve as the KBS MAX Graphite iron shaft.

KBS Director of R&D and Master Shaft-maker Kim Braly, “The MAX family is proving incredibly successful, and we’ve had incredible feedback on the new driver shaft, so adding the hybrid version was the logical next step.”

Braly emphasizes the importance of the new shaft: “Players who use the MAX HL Hybrid will often need to hit longer clubs into par-4’s and tee shots on the shorter holes.

So, to have confidence in getting the ball airborne is vitally important and having a specialist shaft that will help do this with a greater degree of accuracy can only improve their scores.”

Custom fitting the MAX HL Hybrid shaft involves using average swing speed measurements instead of the traditional flex barometer, ensuring a more personalized fit.

The shaft is available in a .370” Tip Diameter with a 10” Parallel Tip, and comes in the following weights and flex specs:

  • Weight: 40g, 50g, 60g, 70g, 80g
  • Flex: R2, R1, R, S, X

Golfers will also be able to choose from three stylish gloss finishes—Red Gloss, White Gloss, and Black Gloss—making the shaft not only a high-performing tool but a visually appealing one as well.

The MAX HL Hybrid Shaft is available now from specialist custom fitters in three different gloss finishes – Red Gloss, White Gloss and Black Gloss – at an RRP price of £60-£70.

Played by more than 300 Tour players worldwide and partnered with all the leading golf club manufacturers, KBS provides a comprehensive range of shaft options.

This includes 26 different shaft options across every club in the bag, such as 10 iron variations, four dedicated wedge and putter shafts, and various graphite shafts for woods, hybrids, and irons in different weights and flexes.

For golfers looking to enhance their game with the new MAX HL Hybrid shaft or explore other KBS shafts, more details can be found at KBS Golf Shafts.

Golfers are also encouraged to speak with their local PGA Professional or a KBS custom fitter to find the perfect shaft to suit their game.