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J.Lindeberg Launches “Red, White, Blue for Gold” USA Golf Campaign

Model wears J.Lindeberg Red White Blue for Gold Apparel

This June, J.Lindeberg proudly unveils the “Red, White, Blue for Gold” campaign, a bold initiative that melds the American spirit with athletic prowess.

Celebrating the essence of USA Golf teams, this campaign introduces a specially designed USA Golf Collection, marking a vibrant tribute to American energy and competitive spirit.

Models wearing J.Lindeberg Red White Blue for Gold Apparel

The campaign’s focal point will be the exceptional talents of Paris Hilinski, a renowned US amateur golfer and social media influencer, alongside Zion Wright, celebrated skateboarder, and US Olympian.

This elite group, alongside top American male and female golfers—whose names will be revealed post-launch—will represent the United States at the iconic Le Golf National in Paris.

The men’s competition is scheduled for August 1-4, followed by the women’s competition from August 7-10.

“At J.Lindeberg, we believe the ‘Red, White, Blue for Gold’ really embodies what it means to compete for the USA: performance, pride, and pushing limits,” states Hans-Christian Meyer, CEO of J.Lindeberg.

“Our meticulous designs are made to not only meet the functional demands of golf but to do so with an aesthetic that speaks to the heart of American competitiveness and aspiration.”

The USA Golf Collection will be available in stores and online starting June 3rd. Reflecting the iconic colours of the American flag, the collection emphasizes performance and style.

Each piece is crafted for superior performance, featuring innovative and stylish touches characteristic of J.Lindeberg’s design ethos.

In conjunction with the apparel launch, J.Lindeberg is orchestrating a series of culturally impactful events leading up to and during the Paris games.

These engagements aim to amplify the brand’s presence in the golf sphere while celebrating the world’s largest sporting event.

“With this campaign, we’re not just outfitting American athletes—we’re also hoping to immerse fans in the games spirit well ahead of the torch lighting in Paris this summer,” adds Meyer.

“We aim to create a ripple effect of excitement that travels from our clothes to every individual cheering in the stands or at home.”