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Garmin’s Approach CT10: A Trusted Solution for Automated Golf Game Tracking

Garmin approach ct10

Garmin’s Approach CT10 has been a trusted tool for automated golf game tracking for several years, offering players a comprehensive system to monitor every stroke, including locations, distances, and club type.

The sensors, which pair with compatible Garmin golf watches¹, have become popular among golfers looking to track their game more precisely and gain insights into their performance on the course.

With the Approach CT10, golfers can automatically record their strokes and analyze their progress in real-time on their watch or later through the Garmin Golf™ app, helping them to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance their gameplay.

Automated Game Tracking

Garmin CT10

The Approach CT10 sensors, designed to be unobtrusive, attach to the end of each club grip and pair with compatible Garmin golf watches¹.

They automatically track every stroke, enabling golfers to analyze their game in real-time via the watch and post-round through the Garmin Golf™ app.

The sensors can differentiate between clubs based on movement and impact, providing players with data on how far they typically hit with each club.

This system offers players a more detailed perspective on their performance and identifies areas for improvement.

Starter Pack and Full Set Options

Garmin offers a starter pack with three sensors for use with the AutoShot² feature on compatible Garmin watches or a full set with sensors for all 14 clubs for comprehensive tracking.

The Approach CT10 sensors have a battery life of up to four years, with user-replaceable batteries for easy maintenance.

Enhanced Golf App Experience

Garmin CT10

The updated Garmin Golf app, compatible with both Apple and Android devices, provides users with in-depth analysis and the ability to compare statistics against other players.

The app features strokes gained analysis, enabling players to see how they measure up against a baseline and where they need to focus their practice.

It also allows for competition in weekly leaderboards and private tournaments, offering a fun and engaging way to interact with other golfers.

Availability and Pricing

The Approach CT10 full set is for a suggested retail price of £199.99, while the starter pack will be priced at £79.99.

To learn more about the Approach CT10 and Garmin’s full line of golf products, visit

¹See compatibility
²AutoShot on a compatible watch does not track putts and may not track some shots, particularly chip shots around the green, depending upon lie and ball contact.