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Unveiling Golf’s Coolest New Look: Galvin Green’s DNA-Inspired Shirts!

Galvin Green Collection

Step up your golf fashion game this summer with the latest shirt collection from Galvin Green, the high-tech golf apparel brand renowned for its cutting-edge designs and commitment to sustainability.

Latest Long-Lasting Range Highlighted by Flowing DNA Molecular Structure Designs

The new Galvin Green shirt collection offers golfers a selection of distinctive styles inspired by flowing DNA molecular structures, blending science with style to create a truly unique look on the course.

Unmatched Breathability and UV Protection

Crafted to provide exceptional breathability and UV protection, these new shirts are designed to keep golfers cool and comfortable in warmer temperatures.

The innovative patterns and vibrant colours in the collection reflect Galvin Green’s legacy of challenging traditional golf apparel norms.

The men’s collection boasts 12 bold designs in a wide array of colours, while the women’s collection features six contemporary styles that promise to make a fashionable statement.

Designer Batur Raza Muhammad explains the inspiration behind the collection: “Technical molecular structures form such an important part of our Part Two shirt range to offer a modern appearance that looks exceptional.

We focused on combining striking patterns with highly appealing colours that perfectly complement the scientific shapes to deliver a premium selection of shirts that keep golfers cool and dry, while also providing UV protection of 20+.”

Durable and Sustainable Fashion

Galvin Green Mannix
© Galvin Green

Galvin Green designers have meticulously selected the most durable materials to ensure these breathable shirts are manufactured to the highest quality standards, offering market-leading product longevity and excellent value for customers.

As an Innovation Partner to the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, Galvin Green is committed to creating garments that mitigate environmental impact, further solidifying their role as a leader in sustainable golf fashion.


Galvin Green MINNIE Shirt
© Galvin Green

Leading the VENTIL8™ PLUS shirt line is the dazzling MANNIX, featuring an all-over pattern inspired by the molecular structure of dopamine – the hormone associated with pleasure, much like the joy a golfer feels when hitting a perfect shot.

Available in five vibrant colours, this lightweight shirt features double cuff sleeve ends and a contrasting placket for an extra touch of sophistication.

Next in line is the captivating MARCUS shirt, which draws immediate attention with its all-over DNA pattern.

The helix structure is cleverly designed with the shapes of golf balls and tee pegs, making it perfect for avid golfers.

The MARCUS shirt comes in four colourways, including a refreshing Atlantis Green option.

“Golf is very much part of our DNA at Galvin Green, and the MARCUS shirt exemplifies our passion for the game through its appealing design that we expect to be a hit with serious golfers seeking an extra special garment this summer,” adds Batur.

Introducing MILO, MACOY, and MELVIN

The distinctive MILO shirt, inspired by the nerve signals connecting the human mind and body, offers an equally striking appearance.

Meanwhile, the MACOY features a diagonal stripe across the chest in four different shades of colour, drawing the eye and adding a stylish twist.

Both shirts boast a tailored collar and open sleeve ends and come in five and three colourways respectively.

Completing the top men’s range is the MELVIN, which also features a micro golf ball print resembling the shooting movement of cells in the body, providing a superb summer golf look.

Fashion-Forward Women’s Collection

For women, the chic MANDY golf shirt leads the way, offering top performance and super fashionable looks in abundance.

It draws inspiration from the DNA helix structure in a wavy graphic that depicts the movement of golf balls, offering something totally unique.

The garment comes in three colour combinations, including a White/Cool Grey style that can be paired with skirts, skorts, and pants in matching VENTIL8™ PLUS fabric for a superior outfit.

The MINNIE sleeveless shirt features a similar print based on flowing molecular movement to resemble gentle frills.

Providing a superb look and soft feel, it features a buttonless V-neck collar and comes in five vivid colourways, including the fresh Camelia Rose/White option.

The contemporary MEG design and super stretchy MAYLA seersucker fabric shirt are two other top sleeveless styles for the hottest of days on the golf course, while the bold MELODY and two-tone MIRELLE short-sleeve shirts can be worn both on and off the fairways.

For details of the full Part Two shirts collection, available from today, visit