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Unleash Your Swing: Elevate Well-Being with Sensei Lanai’s Exclusive Golf Optimal Wellbeing Program


Immerse yourself in a transformative golf well-being experience at Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort.

The Golf Optimal Well-being Program is a unique five-night journey crafted for intermediate and advanced players seeking to elevate not just their game but their overall health and well-being.

This isn’t your typical golf clinic—it’s an integration of the Optimal Well-being Program (OWP) with expert golf instruction.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including the WHOOP wearable device provided 14 days prior to arrival, we meticulously track and analyze your health data.

During your visit, our team of exercise physiologists, nutritionists, mindfulness coaches, and sports instructors collaborates to optimize your golf performance.

The program includes seven hours of personalized, one-on-one golf instruction, covering every aspect of your game.

From on-course assessments to private lessons with the latest Trackman technology, each session aims to enhance your skills, strategy, and overall well-being.

Additionally, guests will enjoy a nine-hole round with a golf instructor, implementing newfound techniques to refine course strategy, followed by a solo round to practice and internalize the learnings.

Our integrated team of Sensei Guides, wellness practitioners, and golf professionals will support you every step of the way.

Through personalised itineraries, featuring private assessments, lessons, spa treatments, and more, we guide you on the three paths to healthier living: Move, Nourish, and Rest.

For tennis enthusiasts, our Tennis Optimal Well-being Program offers a tailored experience for Level 4.0 players.

With four-plus hours of one-on-one instruction and collaboration with similar-level players, this program focuses on refining your tennis skills while promoting overall well-being.

Join FS for a Sunday evening arrival and embark on a transformative well-being journey. Due to the personalised and one-on-one nature of these programs, weekly availability is limited.

Secure your reservation with a minimum 14-day notice, allowing us to collect optimal data for a truly personalized and enriching experience.

Elevate your game, elevate your well-being at Sensei Lanai, where golf and tennis meet optimal living.