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FootJoy Unveils Fresh Prints and Styles in Its New Mid-Summer Apparel Collection


FootJoy, the go-to brand for golf footwear, gloves, and outerwear, is stepping up its game with the launch of the 2024 Mid-Summer Apparel Collection.

Known for quality and style, FootJoy’s latest line is set to turn heads on the fairway.


This new collection is a visual feast, packed with stylish prints, eye-catching patterns, and classic designs.

It’s tailored for golfers of all ages, featuring modern fits, thoughtful details, and performance-focused features to keep you comfortable and looking sharp on the green.

The theme? A blend of ‘Manmade versus Nature,’ brought to life in two new color stories: Pine Cliffs and Marina Bay.

The Pine Cliffs collection draws inspiration from global fashion trends. Imagine a vivid Emerald green that creates a rich, jewel-toned look, perfectly complemented by classic Navy and White.

It’s a versatile and stylish choice for any golfer. On the flip side, Marina Bay celebrates nighttime golf.

Deep shades of Black and Purple Dusk mirror the twilight sky, accented by Pink from a summer sunset and White lights, capturing the essence of evening play.

FootJoy has also introduced some fantastic new prints. The Jacquard Dot, Banded Birdseye, Flying Wasp, and Scottish Town designs are real standouts.

The Scottish Town print, in particular, pays homage to golf’s birthplace, blending tradition with a modern twist.

Colin Mynott, FootJoy’s EMEA Product Manager for Apparel, Socks & Accessories, is thrilled about the launch: “At FootJoy, we are excited to launch a new Mid-Summer apparel range that features a mix of stylish patterns and prints for golfers who are looking to refresh their wardrobes mid-season.

We continue to see huge demand for FJ apparel and we believe that both the Pine Cliffs and Marina Bay collections will continue this trend by finely complimenting the already popular Spring Summer ‘24 apparel collection.”

In summary, FootJoy’s 2024 Mid-Summer Apparel Collection is a winning blend of fashion-forward trends and the timeless appeal of golf’s rich history.

Whether you’re inspired by the natural world or the allure of nighttime play, this collection offers something for every golfer looking to elevate their style game.

The Mid-Summer apparel range is now available via FJ select retailers and at