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A Fresh Approach Pays off at Tennessee’s Fairfield Glade

Tennessee’s Fairfield Glade

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, just a chipshot away from Knoxville lies the vibrant community of Fairfield Glade.

Established in 1970, this haven for golf and resort enthusiasts boasts a picturesque landscape dotted with 5,800 homes, five splendid golf courses, and an array of amenities tailored for a life well-lived.

Tennessee’s Fairfield Glade BBQ

With 9,100 residents and over 18,000 members spanning the nation, Fairfield Glade is more than just a destination; it’s a way of life.

However, even paradise has its challenges. Despite its allure, Fairfield Glade recognized an area in need of improvement: its culinary experience.

Enter Bobby Jones Links (BJL), a renowned management firm enlisted in March 2023 to rejuvenate the food and beverage operations, particularly at the esteemed Stonehenge Grille and four snack bars.

“We hired Bobby Jones Links for two primary reasons,” shares Bruce Cox, a distinguished board member at Fairfield Glade.

“One was fiduciary – we needed to turn around the subsidy of our F&B department. The other was member satisfaction and improving our members’ experience.”

Under BJL’s stewardship, a culinary revolution unfolded. Stonehenge Grille, once met with tepid reviews, experienced a renaissance.

Thanks to an enhanced menu featuring both beloved classics and innovative creations, alongside a meticulous focus on service excellence, Stonehenge witnessed a surge in patrons and revenue.

Mike Nolen, Senior Vice President of Operations at Bobby Jones Links, elaborates on the transformation: “We did our homework on the menu at Stonehenge, keeping the most popular items and adding some newer options and a rotation of specials that have become big hits.

We also employ a seasonal menu so we’re always offering in-season ingredients and keeping the menu options fresh.”

The results spoke volumes. Stonehenge’s patronage soared, with a staggering increase in patrons served and a remarkable 24% improvement in Net Operating Income (NOI).

Across the board, total food and beverage income at the Stonehenge venues surged by an impressive 28%, signalling a resounding success.

Tennessee’s Fairfield Glade Food

But beyond the numbers lies a deeper impact. Cox notes the tangible shift in perception: “People recognize that the quality of food is better, and the menu offerings are better. It’s been a very positive impact.”

Central to this triumph is BJL’s commitment to staff development and empowerment.

Through comprehensive training and ongoing support, Fairfield Glade’s food and beverage employees have embraced a culture of excellence, ensuring each guest experience exceeds expectations.

“Bobby Jones Links has the right leadership,” Cox emphasizes. “All that combined improves the performance of our restaurant and snack bars.”

As Fairfield Glade basks in the glow of its culinary resurgence, Nolen remains steadfast in his vision for continuous improvement.

“Improving the speed of service and elevating the food options at the club’s snack bars is the next work in progress,” he asserts, underscoring BJL’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

In the evolving landscape of Fairfield Glade, one thing is certain: a fresh approach, guided by passion and expertise, has redefined the culinary narrative, transforming Stonehenge Grille into a beacon of culinary excellence.

With Bobby Jones Links at the helm, the future of Fairfield Glade’s dining experience shines brighter than ever before.