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10,000 iGolf Subscribers Transition to Club Membership: A Triumph for England Golf iGolf

igolf logo on golf course

In a world where golf clubs often feel like secret societies, England Golf iGolf has burst onto the scene like a charming, approachable host, welcoming everyone to the party.

Since its launch in 2021, the iGolf program has exceeded all expectations, serving as a beacon for independent golfers and guiding them into the warm embrace of club membership.

This remarkable initiative has achieved a significant milestone, with over 10,000 iGolf subscribers transitioning into membership of affiliated golf clubs in less than three years.

The iGolf initiative, envisioned to entice the 2.3 million ‘independent’ golfers in England to hit the links more often, monitor their performance, and foster a spirit of competitiveness, has not only delivered on its promises but has also created a seamless pathway to full club membership.

The result? An estimated injection of over £11 million in club membership fees, thanks to the average club membership fee of £1,181 and the influx of 10,000 new members.

This financial boost supports the sustainability of golf clubs while enriching the experience for golf enthusiasts across the nation.

Golfer tees off for England iGolf Open

The numbers tell the story of iGolf’s success. According to the latest iGolf Subscriber Survey conducted by England Golf, the program’s impact on golfing behaviour is unmistakable.

A robust 49% of respondents reported an increase in their playing frequency, a clear testament to iGolf’s role in enhancing engagement and participation.

Even more promising is the fact that 46% of subscribers expressed their likelihood to join a club in the future, indicating a significant shift in attitudes towards club membership.

Subscriber satisfaction with the iGolf program is sky-high, with 81% of current subscribers expressing satisfaction or extreme satisfaction.

With over 46,000 current subscribers, iGolf remains a vital platform for golfers seeking an alternative to traditional club membership.

The iGolf subscription package continues to evolve, offering an array of benefits, including exclusive iGolf events hosted by England Golf, other playing opportunities, and enticing discounts.

For those interested in these perks, information about local iGolf Opens is just a click away.

Claire Hodgson, Head of iGolf/iPlay, expressed her delight at the program’s success: “We’re thrilled to witness the remarkable success of the iGolf initiative and the impact it has had on the golfing community.”

“The transition of over 10,000 iGolf subscribers to club membership underpins the effectiveness of our efforts in promoting inclusivity, fostering engagement, and our desire to support golf clubs across the country.”

She continued, “We know that the programme caters for a whole host of people who love their golf, but simply aren’t able to get on the course as much as they’d like, while it caters for others who can’t yet justify golf club membership.”

“It really has proved to be the perfect solution for a number of people and hopefully it continues to benefit more in the coming months and years.”

England Golf remains steadfast in its commitment to connecting and engaging with the golfing community.

Initiatives like iGolf are paving the way for even more golfing enthusiasts to experience the joy of having a Handicap Index®.

Through the MyEG app, England Golf has expanded its reach to even more golfers, supporting inclusivity with its latest free service, iPlay.

This innovative program offers a stepping stone to iGolf, providing a fun ‘average score indicator’ for golfers not yet ready for a Handicap Index®.

For those eager to learn more about iGolf or to dive into the world of iPlay, England Golf provides ample resources.

Click here for more information about iGolf or here to discover more about iPlay.

As England Golf continues to foster inclusivity and engagement, the future looks bright for the golfing community in England.