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Empowering Disabled People in Golf: England Golf and The Golf Trust Join Forces


England Golf, in a monumental stride towards inclusivity, has teamed up with The Golf Trust to expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities to engage with the sport.

This collaborative effort underscores England Golf’s commitment to making golf accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level or physical ability.


The Golf Trust, a national charity dedicated to integrating golf into the lives of disabled individuals, has been instrumental in breaking down barriers and promoting the physical, social, and mental health benefits of the game.

By forging this partnership with England Golf, The Golf Trust aims to enhance accessibility across communities nationwide, ensuring that disabled individuals can easily locate and participate in golf programs tailored to their needs.

Rob Drinkwater, Head of Participation and Development at England Golf, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its potential to empower communities and provide meaningful opportunities.

“England Golf is excited to be formally working alongside The Golf Trust to provide more opportunities for people with a disability to get involved in golf,” said Drinkwater.

This partnership is set to amplify both organizations’ efforts in delivering national initiatives that extend the reach of golf into new, diverse communities.

Founder of The Golf Trust, Cae Menai-Davis, emphasized the importance of access in facilitating participation.

“Access to golf is often the biggest barrier to participation, particularly for people with disabilities,” noted Menai-Davis.

Through their extensive network of venues and partnerships, The Golf Trust aims to identify and connect disabled individuals with golf programs that cater to their specific needs, ensuring a positive and inclusive experience from the very first swing.

This initiative aligns seamlessly with England Golf’s Respect in Golf movement, which promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion within the sport.

By partnering with The Golf Trust, England Golf is not only expanding access but also fostering a more inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, abilities, and backgrounds to enjoy the game.

For more information about The Golf Trust and how to get involved, visit The Golf Trust.

To learn more about England Golf’s Respect in Golf initiative, visit England Golf Respect in Golf.