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RTJ II Revives Cotton Bay Club: A New Golf Adventure in The Bahamas

Cotton Bay Club in The Bahamas

In the sun-soaked, windswept paradise of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, a new chapter in golfing adventure is about to be written.

The legendary Cotton Bay Club, once a playground for the elite and a stage for “Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf,” is set to rise again, thanks to the vision of Cotton Bay Holdings Group and the architectural mastery of Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects (RTJ II).

Founded in 1959 by Pan Am visionary Juan Trippe and the legendary Robert Trent Jones Sr., Cotton Bay Club quickly became a beloved destination for golfers seeking both challenge and respite on the southern shores of Eleuthera.

Hurricanes may have closed the club in 2005, but its spirit of adventure has now been reignited by a global team, spearheaded by RTJ II.

The commission to design the new course has been awarded to RTJ II, marking a pivotal moment in the revival of this historic locale.

“We are collaborating closely with Cotton Bay Holdings and their partners to craft an exciting, adaptable golf course experience,” says Trent Jones Jr., COO of RTJ II.

The design is currently in its detailed stage, with construction set to commence in November 2024.

A standout feature of the course will be its sand-base core, utilizing the island’s natural terrain as its canvas.

Mike Gorman, Senior Project Architect for RTJ II, explains, “One of our goals is to craft a fun and flexible golf course reminiscent of iconic sand-belt courses.”

This design innovation promises seamless fairways that offer multiple playing-loop options, ideal for match-play golf—a first in the Caribbean.

The course will not only cater to golf aficionados but will also feature a large Himalayas-style “social green” that connects effortlessly with the golf clubhouse, a family-friendly course, and state-of-the-art practice facilities.

Beyond golf, the project includes plans for a luxurious hotel, residences, spa, and world-class restaurants, making it a holistic destination for travellers and locals alike.

Robert Trent Jones Jr., Chairman & Master Architect of RTJ II, expresses his excitement, stating, “It’s a thrilling opportunity to help bring the Jones spirit of adventure back to Cotton Bay.”

He reflects on his father’s legacy, emphasizing the blend of tradition and innovation that will define this new era for Cotton Bay.

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