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Billy Horschel Clinches Eighth PGA Tour Victory at Corales Puntacana Championship

Billy Horschel

Billy Horschel delivered an outstanding performance at the Corales Puntacana Championship, shooting a course record-tying bogey-free 63 to secure his eighth PGA TOUR title.

Horschel’s impressive round, highlighted by seven birdies and an eagle, allowed him to overcome a three-shot deficit and clinch a two-shot victory.

Horschel’s stellar play in windy conditions was evident as he hit 13 of 14 fairways, achieved a 72% greens-in-regulation rate, and went a perfect 5-for-5 in getting up-and-down.

His consistency and precision helped him post 23 under and earn his first title since 2017.

Horschel’s Winning Setup

  • Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1x+ prototype
  • Driver: TSR3 9.0 with Fujikura Ventus Black TR 6 X
  • Fairway Woods: TSi2 15.0 and TSi2 18.0
  • Irons: T100 (3, 5 irons) and 620 MB (6-9 irons)
  • Wedges: NEW Vokey Design SM10, including 46.10F, 52.12F, and 56.08M wedges.

Dominance of Titleist Golf Balls

Billy Horschel

Horschel’s victory further solidifies the dominance of Titleist golf balls on the PGA TOUR. In the Corales Puntacana Championship, every player in the final top five used a Titleist golf ball.

Additionally, 75% of the field used either a Pro V1 or Pro V1x. This victory marked the 15th out of 17 events this season won with a Titleist golf ball.

Horschel attributes his success to the consistency and control of the Titleist golf ball.

– “The control of the Titleist golf ball is by far better than any ball on the market.

When you hit a shot, when you try to hit a five-yard draw, you want that ball to turn five yards.

You don’t want it to draw 10 yards, or you don’t want it not to draw. So to be able to control the golf ball is such a vital key in the game of golf.

Doesn’t matter what level you’re at. When you’re expecting a shot to turn out a certain way, control-wise, and that golf ball is not doing what you want, you have an issue, and with a Titleist golf ball, I’ve never had an issue once.”

– “It’s a fine margin out here on the PGA TOUR and if you can find any little bit of an edge to give you that little bit of advantage I’m going to take it.

And so for me having my spin rates be consistent, having the feel, the softness of the feel around the greens be the same, and how it’s going to land on the green.

I want to know that ball, if I hit the shot the way I want, it’s going to produce with the results I want – and I get that, and I’ve gotten that throughout my entire career with the Titleist golf ball.” 

– “For me it comes down to spin. I’m looking for the ball to spin the right amount or in a certain range with every club I have. So 7-iron, I’m looking for it to spin somewhere around the upper echelon and the spin rate of 7,000-7,200.

I want control of the golf ball. I want to have the ability to take spin-off… And so having a ball that spins more allows me to have more control.

And I can take spin-off three-quarter shots, little half shots. That’s what’s allowed me to be successful on the PGA Tour.”  

This control is vital, especially for professionals aiming for consistency on the course.

The Impact of Titleist TSR3 Driver

Billy Horschel

Horschel praised the consistency and tightness of his new Titleist TSR3 driver, which gives him confidence on narrow fairways.

“The TSi was unbelievable. It was the longest, straightest driver I’ve ever hit. It was the fastest driver I’ve ever played.

I achieved my highest ball speed on it, which was 178 [mph]. Loved the driver to death, had no plans of changing, but J.J. with Titleist said, ‘Hey, just give this a shot’… I finally tested it, and I was really shocked by how consistent the ball flight was.

And how tight my misses were. I like to hit a little left-to-right shot. The ball wasn’t over-cutting when I missed it.

My toe misses, if I did hit it off the toe, wasn’t diving hard left. And so it’s just a lot tighter.

And so now that allows me to tighten up my lines, hitting it off the tee.

Narrow fairways I can be more aggressive knowing I’ve got a driver that if I do miss it, it’s not going to be too far off if I hit it dead centre in the face.

And then when I finally tested it on TrackMan, I was shocked to see the speed gain. So it’s faster. And the dispersion rate off the tee with good from bad is a lot tighter, which we’re all looking for in the game of golf, especially at our level.” 

The Feel of T100 Long Irons


Regarding his long irons, Horschel emphasized the importance of a softer feel, which Titleist’s T100 offers.

He mentioned that the softer feel helps him understand where he hit the ball on the face and allows him to adjust accordingly.

“I like a very soft feel because that’s what my senses are. I can have a good understanding of when it’s soft, where I’ve hit it on the face, whether I’ve hit it good, whether I’ve spun it too much, toe, heel.

If it’s a little bit too much of a firm feel, then I can’t really distinguish with where it is on the face or did it come off with enough spin, did it not come off with enough spin.

So for me, I’ve always liked the softer feel and I think with Titleist, they’ve done a really good job of that, especially with the new T100’s, because when you get into the cavity back irons, it’s really easy to make it a firm feel.

It’s tough to make it feel soft like a blade. And they’ve done a really good job with that, with the new T100.” 

The Versatility of Vokey Wedges


Horschel’s Vokey wedges provide a high standard of quality and versatility.

– “For me, whenever I get a Vokey wedge, I know right away that this product is at the highest standard.

It’s the best in the game of golf and it’s going to help my game in the areas I need. And then at the same time, when you have Bob and you have Aaron there on a weekly basis, being able to work with them to fine-tune the little points that you’re looking for.

They offer suggestions whether it be bounce, loft or lies or numerous other things.”