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COBRA Golf Launches World’s First 3D Printed Steel Irons with Exceptional Feel and Forgiveness

COBRA Golf LIMIT3D irons

Renowned for its innovation in golf club design COBRA Golf® has launched the LIMIT3D™ irons, marking the world’s first commercially available set of 3D-printed steel irons.

This follows their earlier success with the introduction of their 3D printed steel putter in 2020 and a full line of KING® 3D printed multi-material putters in 2021.

The latest irons are designed to offer a game-improvement performance in a blade-like profile while providing exceptional feel.

COBRA partnered with nTop®, a leading computational design software company, to bring this vision to life.

COBRA Golf LIMIT3D irons

With the computational design tools and 3D printing technology, COBRA engineers created a compact player’s blade profile that retains the forgiveness typically associated with larger, game-improvement irons.

The result is the groundbreaking LIMIT3D irons, which represent a unique advancement in both performance and manufacturing.

“COBRA is always looking for meaningful ways to use new technology to create superior products and performance,” said Mike Yagley, Vice President of Innovation & AI at COBRA Golf.

COBRA Golf LIMIT3D iron heads

“nTop’s computational design tools integrated with 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, allowed us to create an incredible new design that looks and feels like a forged blade but performs like a larger, game-improvement iron”.

“No one has done this before, and we’re excited to introduce these unique irons to the world.”

Traditional irons that offer more forgiveness tend to have a larger profile, which often detracts from the desired compact look and feel of a blade.

COBRA’s mission was to create an iron that combined the sleek design and feel of a compact blade with the forgiveness that less experienced players need.

Through 3D printing technology and nTop’s software, COBRA designed the LIMIT3D irons with a compact shape that allows 33% of the overall clubhead weight to be repositioned without sacrificing strength.

COBRA Golf LIMIT3D irons

This innovative design, made possible through 3D printing, incorporates a lattice structure within the 316L stainless steel body, permitting the strategic placement of up to 100g of tungsten in the heel and toe areas of the clubhead.

This unique configuration results in a low centre of gravity and high moment of inertia (MOI), providing a level of forgiveness and distance typically associated with larger game-improvement clubs like COBRA’s KING TEC or TEC-X irons.

nTop’s software and 3D printing technology also allowed COBRA engineers to accelerate the design process, leading to a significant reduction in development time.

The fast iteration enabled the R&D team to test various lattice designs to optimize internal mass distribution and acoustics, resulting in a final product that meets or exceeds expectations in terms of aesthetics, performance, and soft feel.

Jose Miraflor, Vice President of Product Architecture at COBRA Golf, said, “Our new Limited-Edition 3D Printed irons represent COBRA’s dedication to pushing performance and technology to the limits”.

“These incredible new irons are the most significant technological advancement to happen to the category in the past 20 years and offer a look into the future of golf club design and performance.”

Only 500 sets of the LIMIT3D 3D printed irons are available worldwide.

Each of the initial 500 sets is marked with a unique 1/500 identifier, emphasizing their limited-edition status.

These irons will be available for custom order only in the UK beginning June 7th.

Golf enthusiasts and collectors can expect a truly unique set of irons that combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance and design.

RRP will be £2,499.00 for 4-PW set configurations in with a wide selection of aftermarket steel and graphite shafts, and grips.

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