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Cameron McCormick Teams Up with SuperStroke: A Perfect Grip on Golf Innovation

Cameron McCormick

In the ever-evolving world of golf, innovation is the name of the game, enter SuperStroke, the undisputed champion of putter grips, and their latest ace in the hole: a brand ambassador partnership with the renowned golf instructor Cameron McCormick.

This alliance promises to revolutionise the way golfers grip and rip, from the seasoned pro to the weekend warrior.

SuperStroke, famed for their cutting-edge, Tour-proven golf grip technology, is proud to welcome McCormick, an Australian-born, Dallas-based coaching maestro, into their fold.

McCormick brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. As the founder of Altus Golf, McCormick has been at the forefront of golf education, connecting coaches and athletes in their quest for continuous improvement.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Cameron McCormick, one of the most trusted and proven talents in golf instruction, to the SuperStroke team,” said SuperStroke Founder and CEO Dean Dingman.

“Cameron has a special ability to impart useful, actionable, and understandable golf knowledge to not only the best players in the game, but to everyday amateurs of all skill levels.”

“He also has an in-depth familiarity with our product line and what it does to give golfers confidence and the ability to make golf swings and putting strokes that work best for them.”

Cameron McCormick’s resume is as impressive as they come. He is the coach to several top players on both the PGA TOUR and LPGA, including three-time major winner Jordan Spieth.

His influence will now extend to SuperStroke’s audience, where he will share his golfing wisdom and create content showcasing the ingenuity and benefits of SuperStroke’s innovative grip offerings.

Based at The Lab, a state-of-the-art teaching facility at Dallas’ Trinity Forest Golf Club, McCormick and his team at Altus Performance deliver top-notch, research-based golf instruction.

When he’s not mentoring the elite, McCormick, alongside Altus COO Corey Lundberg, hosts the popular “Earn Your Edge” golf podcast and shares lessons and drills on his YouTube channel, @CameronMcCormickGolf.

McCormick’s dedication to the craft was recognized in 2015 when he was named PGA of America Teacher of the Year.

SuperStroke grips have become a staple among professional golfers, boasting usage by hundreds of top players.

The stats speak for themselves: in 2024 alone, SuperStroke users have clinched 29 tournament victories across golf’s major professional tours, raking in over $29.8 million in first-place prize money.

“I’m excited to work with SuperStroke because I have long admired the quality of their grips and the tremendous depth and variety of products they offer,” McCormick said.

“It seems every player I work with on the PGA TOUR or LPGA either uses or has experimented with SuperStroke grips.”

“That speaks to thought leadership in the great versatility of a brand that has been at the forefront of grip innovation and brilliantly responsive to the needs of today’s players.”

SuperStroke’s putter grip line is the result of relentless innovation and feedback from more than 600 tour pros.

From their signature shapes and sizes to advanced materials, SuperStroke grips are designed to connect golfers to their putters like never before.

This partnership with McCormick will undoubtedly elevate the brand’s profile and offer golfers everywhere the insights they need to up their game.

For more details on SuperStroke’s range of innovative golf grips and to stay updated with the latest from the company, visit SuperStroke USA.