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Bryson DeChambeau: And An Innovator Behind Golf’s Equipment Revolution

Captain Bryson DeChambeau of Crushers GC hits his shot from the fifth tee during the second round of LIV Golf Singapore at Sentosa Golf Club on Saturday, May 04, 2024 in Sentosa, Singapore.

In the world of golf, few names carry as much weight as Peter Powell’s. Renowned as the CEO of Ministry Golf, Peter’s expertise as a master club builder is unparalleled.

With a career spanning over two decades on the DP Tour, he’s etched his mark in the annals of golfing history.

Collaborating with titans of the sport, Peter has fine-tuned the gear of over 50 Major winners, a testament to his craftsmanship and dedication.

From his early days with Taylor Made to his tenure at Nike Golf, Peter’s journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence.

He owns a successful True Tour Custom Fitting business in the UK alongside running the player workshop at LIV Golf events in Europe and the Middle East. 

But did you also know that Peter, is the mastermind behind Bryson DeChambeau’s groundbreaking equipment innovations?

US Open champion, multiple global tournament winner, two LIV Golf league wins, US Amateur winner, NCAA Division One winner, SMU graduate, World Long Drive competitor, Crushers GC team captain… and scientist! His enthusiastic and analytical approach to golf earned him that nickname.

Bryson’s impact on the global explosion of golf is undeniable. His extraordinary prowess as a golfer, his exceptional skills on the green, combined with his relentless pursuit of the perfect set of irons for maximum ‘crushing’ distance, have captivated golf enthusiasts of all ages worldwide.

LIV Golf deserves our gratitude for introducing Bryson to the world stage. While many know Bryson for his remarkable talent, the intrigue around his equipment, particularly his irons, remains a topic of fascination for many.

Fan holds a Captain Bryson DeChambeau of Crushers GC sign on the fifth tee during the second round of LIV Golf Singapore at Sentosa Golf Club on Saturday, May 04, 2024 in Sentosa, Singapore.
© Doug DeFelice/LIV Golf

To give you more of an insight, I spoke at length with Mike Schy, Bryson’s coach, long-term supporter, friend and patron of all things ‘Brysonistic’.

“Bryson is an incredibly creative and artistic character. From the age of 16 he was coming up with some incredible ideas on equipment theories and swing dynamics.

“He was fascinated by shafts, weights and grips, so between us and some other like-minded gear manufacturers, such as John Mazzanoble, President of JumboMax grips, we’ve worked hard to find all of the solutions he was after”.

“I’m one of his biggest fans and I joke that he’d be nowhere without me! The reality is that Bryson is a tremendous athlete, he excels at everything he does”.

“He is always eliminating variables and questioning the status quo. We’re all crazy, but you have to be in this game.”

John Mazzanoble, who’s known Bryson since he started playing jumbo Max at the age of 15, told me, “Dechambeau joined the team in early 2010, embracing our original grip, the heavier tour series, and propelling us to the cutting edge alongside him.

Bryson’s invaluable contributions led to the development of our flagship model, the Ultralite series, notably the XL, a 50-gram marvel that has soared as one of our top sellers worldwide.

His triumph at the 2020 US Open solidified his legacy. Together, Bryson and I designed the 17” Armlock grip,  the Jumbo Flat, launched in 2020, marking another milestone in our partnership.”

Bryson Dechambeau Club Grip

Just recently, we’ve seen Bryson working on a new set of 3D Printed irons created by club designer and English Pro golfer, Tom Bailey, at Avoda Golf in California.

Tom was intrigued by the one-length concept introduced by Cobra and wanted to learn more, so picked up the phone to Mike Schy two years ago, flew over to meet him and never returned to the UK.

Once all the relevant parties were on board, Bryson took the initiative and suggested, “Why not give it a shot and create something?” Tom swiftly transferred the idea to CAD and initiated the process.

The New Avoda irons were printed, tested and USGA-approved just hours before the 2024 Masters. Here, we’re unveiling some astonishing facts about them. 

Avoda irons
  • All irons are one length at 37.5” raw
  • 275-gram head weights
  • 67* lie angle
  • 3D printed
  • Forged 2-piece head
  • A unique patented bulge on the face
  • JumboMax Tour Series XL Swing grips, each grip is 123 grams
  • LA Golf One Length Bryson Signature Series 125 gram Flex 6 at 38”, pured 

Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait a bit longer to find out when Bryson’s will be available to buy, but we’ll let you know when they are.

You can see Bryson next in action in Houston June 07 — 09, for the full LIV Golf tour schedule click here.