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Billy Horschel Reveals Surprising Secret Weapon For PGA Tour Wins

billy horschel

Billy Horschel’s thrilling win at the Corales Puntacana Championship was much more than a showcase of his talent—it was a testament to the exceptional comfort and stability of FJ Traditions, the footwear that has become a staple for the PGA Tour champion.

Horschel, donning FJ Traditions golf shoes and a FootJoy StaSof glove, stormed through the final round with a flawless 63, sealing his eighth PGA Tour victory with a two-shot margin.

The journey to his victory in Punta Cana had Horschel pulling out all the stops, shooting seven birdies and an eagle to finish the round bogey-free.

But behind the scenes, it was the FJ Traditions golf shoes that provided the lightweight comfort and stability he needed to stay on top of his game.

Horschel is a player who understands the importance of style and substance, and FJ Traditions offers both.

“What I love about this shoe is that it gives me the stability of an old FJ Icon, but with that extra comfort and lighter weight feel,” Horschel shared.

At a time when he’s looking for a shoe that complements his evolving needs, the FJ Traditions seem to be the perfect match.

The design is both classic and modern, allowing him to express his style while ensuring he’s got the right support for the gruelling hours on the course.

“I’m getting a bit older, so I am looking for something that is a little bit more comfortable on my feet when I am on the golf course, and since I started wearing this shoe, it’s been unbelievable,” Horschel added.

The variety and style offered by FootJoy mean he can always find the right shoe to match his outfit and personality, but it’s the performance that truly makes a difference.

“I then like to focus on the performance side of the golf shoe, where again FootJoy have always done a tremendous job of this and continue to get better.”

The popularity of FJ Traditions isn’t just a personal preference for Horschel.

The data shows that they’re one of the most successful footwear franchises since their launch in 2021.

According to Golf Datatech, FJ Traditions was the #2 shoe model in the UK in 2023, right behind the FootJoy Pro|SL.

And it’s not just the shoes that impressed Horschel; he was equally enthusiastic about the StaSof glove.

“I currently wear the FootJoy StaSof glove, and I think it is great,” Horschel said.

Durability is key, as he wears the glove for multiple rounds during a tournament.

The StaSof glove’s ability to withstand the rigours of professional golf impressed him.

“I want to have a glove that I can use more than once or twice, I like to wear it for four or five days in a row during a tournament.

The fact that the durability of the StaSof can withstand after many rounds, with all the golf swings involved with that, is unbelievable.”

As Horschel celebrated his win, it was clear that the comfort and stability of FJ Traditions played a crucial role in his success.

Whether it’s the stylish design, the lighter weight, or the durable grip, these golf shoes and gloves are redefining what it means to perform at the highest level.

And with nearly half the field at the event choosing FJ Traditions, it’s clear that Horschel isn’t the only one trusting in the #1ShoeinGolf.

As the PGA Tour Champions witnessed Paul Broadhurst’s victory in his Premiere Series Packard golf shoes, it’s evident that FootJoy’s legacy of excellence extends across generations.

From seasoned pros to rising stars, FootJoy remains the indisputable choice for comfort, style, and performance on the course.