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BIG MAX Unveils Cutting-Edge Golf Bag Lineup for 2024

Golfer with BIG MAX DL Hybrid Plus

In the realm of golf gear, BIG MAX stands as continental Europe’s premier manufacturer of golf bags and push trolleys.

Now, they’re stepping up their game with a new line of golf bags for 2024 that promises to fulfil every golfer’s dream.

Golfer with BIG MAX AQUA Sport 360

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual weekend warrior, BIG MAX has crafted the perfect bag for you, combining advanced technology with practical features and sleek designs.

Utilising their renowned Dri Lite water-resistant technology and Aqua waterproof technology, BIG MAX ensures that their bags offer the utmost protection against the elements. Let’s delve into the highlights of their latest offerings:

Cart Bags:

  • Aqua Sport 360: This spacious cart bag caters to golfers who demand excellence. Featuring bold styling and a plethora of features, the fully waterproof Aqua Sport 360 boasts 10 waterproof pockets, including 2 on the reverse of the bag for convenient 360° storage. (RRP: £279.99)
  • Dri Lite Style: An elegant and spacious water-resistant cart bag equipped with large pelican-style pockets at the front for easy access. Lightweight yet durable, the Dri Lite Style offers practical simplicity at an attractive price point. (RRP: £229.99)

Hybrid Bags:

BIG MAX Dri Lite Style Grey
  • Dri Lite Hybrid Plus: Weighing just 2kg and water-resistant, this hybrid bag is the perfect companion for walking the course. With ample storage and stylish aesthetics, the Hybrid Plus seamlessly combines functionality with flair, making it an invaluable addition to any golfer’s arsenal. (RRP: £229.99)

Stand Bags:

  • Dri Lite Seven G: Designed to withstand the elements, the Dri Lite Seven G features a water-resistant construction, a 4-way top, and 4 spacious pockets. Ideal for a ¾ set, this versatile stand bag ensures that your gear stays protected while you navigate the course, even during winter rounds. (RRP: £129.99)

For golfers seeking more information on BIG MAX’s 2024 bag lineup, including detailed specifications and purchasing details, visit BIG MAX’s official website.

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