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Anthony Kim’s Journey Back to Golf: A Candid Interview With David Feherty

Anthony Kim talks to David Feherty

Anthony Kim, once a prodigious talent in professional golf, has emerged from a period of absence to share his remarkable journey back to the sport.

In an extensive interview with LIV Golf analyst David Feherty, Kim offers a candid and introspective look into his hiatus and subsequent return to competitive play.

Anthony Kim Interview

Reflecting on his complex relationship with golf, Kim confesses, “I have an interesting relationship with golf.

I don’t think I ever loved it. What’s very weird to me right now is that I’m falling in love with the game …”

This revelation underscores the transformative nature of his comeback, as he rediscovers his passion for the sport that once defined his life.

Delving deeper into his personal journey, Kim acknowledges the recklessness that characterized his earlier years both on and off the course.

“I was willing to risk a lot more. That was my nature. I was aggressive on the golf course, I was aggressive off the golf course, and that led to my demise.”

His introspection offers valuable insights into the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way.

Despite the tumultuous path he traversed, Kim expresses gratitude for his current position, attributing his resilience to divine intervention.

“Through the grace of God, I’m here. I’m able to tell my story, hopefully inspire other people … my daughter’s going to be proud of me no matter how I play, and that’s the most important thing to me.”

His humility and perspective serve as a testament to his growth both as an athlete and as an individual.

Kim will compete in his first U.S. event this weekend at LIV Golf Miami from April 5-7.  

This marks a significant milestone in his journey, symbolizing a triumphant return to the sport he loves.

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