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adidas Introduces TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE to Revolutionise Golf Apparel

adidas golf Ultimate365 apparel

In the fast-paced world of golf fashion, staying ahead means more than just keeping up with trends – it’s about pushing the boundaries of performance and comfort.

In this pursuit, adidas Golf has once again raised the bar with the introduction of TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE, two groundbreaking material concepts that promise to redefine the way golfers experience their apparel.

Innovative Material Concepts

At the heart of TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE lies a revolutionary approach to fabric engineering.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on elastane for stretch, these new concepts manipulate yarns at the fibre level, offering golfers an alternative pathway to achieving flexibility and range of motion.

Developed by specialist teams within adidas Golf, these material innovations represent a bold step forward in performance apparel design.

Enhanced Range of Motion

One of the primary aims of TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE is to provide golfers with better freedom of movement without compromising on weight or density.

By coiling the yarns post-construction, these fabrics act like micro-springs within the garment, offering both flexibility and recoil to maintain the garment’s shape.

The result? Golfers can swing with ease, knowing that their apparel moves with them, not against them.

Lightweight Performance

In addition to improved flexibility, TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE offer another distinct advantage – a significant reduction in overall weight.

Compared to similar products in the range, adidas found that golfers could enjoy a 30 to 40% decrease in weight without sacrificing performance.

This means lighter, more agile movement on the course, allowing golfers to focus on their game without distractions.

Ultimate365: Where Performance Meets Style

As part of the Ultimate365 apparel range, TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE exemplify adidas’ commitment to leading with performance.

Designed to help golfers maintain focus and eliminate distractions on the course, these new material concepts represent a significant evolution in golf apparel technology.

Available for both men and women, golfers can experience the difference firsthand on, the adidas app, and select retailers worldwide.

A New Era in Performance Apparel

Shaun Madigan, global director of apparel at adidas Golf, emphasizes the transformative nature of TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE: “It’s a difference we believe golfers will feel as soon as they wear it.”

Chase Aaronson, senior manager of materials development, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the potential for these innovations to transcend golf and impact other sports as well.

Experience the Future of Golf Apparel

As TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE make their debut in the Ultimate365 range, golfers can look forward to a new standard of performance and comfort.

With adidas leading the charge, the future of golf apparel has never looked brighter.

Join the revolution today and elevate your game with TWISTKNIT and TWISTWEAVE.

All products from the Ultimate365 range are available now on, the adidas app and at select retailers worldwide.